Agapanthus africanus

Common name : White lily of the nile, african lily, white african lily, agapanthus africanus alba Botanical name : Agapanthus africanus Family: Amaryllidaceae

Agapanthus africanus

A beautiful plant growing in grass like clumps having an upright fountain form about 1-3 feet. Leaves are narrow and strap shaped up to 2 inches wide and 6-24 inches long rising in two ranks from rhizomes. Flowers are in umbels and vary in number from few to over 100 appearing on top of the wiry to stiff scapes as blue or white.

These plants require sun for half a day or more. Well drained moist soils are suitable. Plant rhizomes in pots/areas filled with leaf mould and compost

Propagation: Division of rhizomes/bulbs

Kingdom - Plantae

Order - Asparagales

Genus - Agapanthus

Species - africanus

Synonym - Agapanthus africanus albus, agapanthus africanus white, agapanthus umbellatus, agapanthus 'white heaven', tulbaghia africana, crinum africanum

Origin / Native - Western Cape Province, South Africa

Type & Category - Perennial Herb, Bulb

Height - 2 to 3 feet tall

Spread - 3 feet wide

Flowering Month - June, July, August

Flowering Colors - White, purple, blue

Foliage&Plant - Evergreen, strap/grass like, narrow leaves, 2 feet long

Flowers - Small, showy, funnel-shaped, white, 6 petals, 6 stamens, rounded umbels of 35 blooms, connected with fleshy long leafless stems

Flowering Season - Late spring, early summer

Light Requirement&Care - Full sun, part shade, well drained, moist, fertile soil, good water regularly

Good For - Pots, containers, borders, edging

Grows in - Rock mountains

Attracts - Bees, butterflies

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Ooty Botanical Gardens, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India

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