Calendula Officinalis

Common Name : Calendula Officinalis Order : Asterales Family : Asteraceae, Compositae

Calendula Officinalis

Common Name - Pot marigold, garden marigold

Genus - Calendula

Species - officinalis

Origin / Native - Mediterranean regions, Southern Europe

Life Cycle - Short lived perennial, hardy annual

Category - Herb

Flowers - Large, Showy, Aromatic, Yellow with maroon bicolor petals, Double blossom, Edible

Uses - Medicinal herb, Food

Leaves - Simple, Light green, Alternate, Spiral arrangement, Hairy, Ovate Shaped, 10.160cm, Long stems

Light Requirement & Care - Full Sun, Part Shade, Rich, Well drained or Any Soil, Easy to grow

Good For - Cut flowers, Groundcover, Edging, Garden bed, Containers, Borders

Attracts - Bees & Butterflies

Height - 45.720cm tall

Spread - 35.480cm wide

Growth Rate - Medium

Flowering Colors - Yellow, Orange, Deep orange, Golden yellow

Flowering Season - Spring to Frost

Calendula officinalis leaves - with single orange blossom
Calendula officinalis leaves

Calendula officinalis flower and seeds
Calendula officinalis flower and seeds

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Ooty Flower Show 2014, Government Botanical Gardens, Udhagamandalam, Tamil Nadu, India

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