Cordia sebestena

Common Name : Geranium Tree, Orange Geiger Tree, Anaconda, Muyuyo, Texas Olive, Aloe Wood, Scarlet Cordia Botanical Name : Cordia sebestena Family : Boraginaceae

Cordia sebestena

Species - sebestena

Genus - Cordia

Origin / Native - Florida, Bahamas, Venezuela, Tropics of America

Height - Up to 10 m [35 feet] tall

Spread - Up to 10 m [35 feet] tall

Life Cycle - Perennial

Category - Evergreen, Ornamental flowering tree, Shrub

Bark - Brown, ridged

Flowers - Small, Showy, Orange color, Clustered, bell-Shaped, 6 to 7 rounded petals, 2 inches

Foliage - Simple, Alternate, Oval shaped, Dark Green, 17.780 cm

Fruits - Green, White, Hard covering, Oval shaped, Fragrance, Edible

Flavour of Fruits - Poor

Good For - Landscape tree, Specimen, Container, Public Garden, Street tree, Parks, Roadsides

Flowering season - May, June, July, Summer, Spring, All Year round

Attracts - Butterflies, bees, birds

Light Requirement & Care- Full Sun, Part Shade, Well drained soil

Special Feature - Salt, Drought tolerant

Hindi - Bohari, Lal Lasora

Tamil - Aechinaruvihli

Telugu - Virigi

Kannada - Challekendala

Synonym - Sebesten sebestena

Growth Rate - Moderate

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Kavery river, Srirangam, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India

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