Croton bonplandianus

Common Name : Ban Tulsi, Bantulasi, Bonpland's croton Botanical Name : Croton bonplandianus, Croton bonplandianum Family : Euphorbiaceae

Croton bonplandianus

An erect herb. Stem much branched, clothed with branched hairs. Leaves crowded at the top, simple, ovate, serrate. Flowers in terminal spikes, male flowers upper and female flowers lower. Fruits – 3 angled globose capsule. Found in all situations, railway lines and roadsides, in open and fallow fields.

Kingdom - Plantae

Order - Euphorbiales

Subfamily - Crotonoideae

Genus - Croton

Synonym - Croton tiglium, croton bonplandianum, Croton bonplandianum Baill, Croton sparsiflorus Morong.

Origin / Native - South America, Asia

Hindi - Kala Bhangra

Tamil - Rail Poondu, Reilpoondu

Habit - Herb, Shrub

Type - Annual

Height - Up to 28 inches tall

Spread - Up to 24 inches wide

Flowering Season - Nov to May

Grows in - Road side, bank of the river, wastelands, yards

Uses - Medicinal

Foliage&Plant - Simple, dark green, leaves-alternately arranged, 1.96 inches long, lance shaped, milky, mild hairy stems& leaves, woody

Flowers - Tiny, peach color, 12 racemes, tiny globe shaped flower buds arranged in upright spikes with green fruits

Good For - Herb garden

Light Requirement - Full sun, part shade, normal, well drained soil, average water

Croton bonplandianum plants & Folage
Croton bonplandianum plants & Folage

Croton bonplandianum- Fruits, Blooms, Leaves
Croton bonplandianum

Croton bonplandianum baill fruits-Stems, Seeds
Croton bonplandianum baill fruits

Ban tulsi herb
Ban tulsi herb

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Kundadam, Dharapuram, Tirupur, & Srirangam, kaveri river, Tamil Nadu, South India

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