Dahlia White

Common Name :Dahlia White Family : Asteraceae[Compositae]

Dahlia White

Order - Asterales

Origin / Native - America, Colombia, Mexico

Type - Annual, herbaceous perennial plant

Height - 1.5 feet to 6 feet tall

Suitable for - Borders

Light Requirement & care - Sunny, open, protected from frosts, & strong winds, well drained, compost added soil, water regularly

Flowers - white with light pink, showy

Foliage - Ever green, healthy

ProPagation - From seeds

Pests & diseases - Aphids, caterpillers, earwigs & grey mould, Damping off, verticillim

Dahlia varieties & Types - Single flowered, Decorative, Ball, Pompon, Cactus, Collerette, Anemone flowered

Dahlia groups - Bedding dahlias, Border dahlias

Photographs: Prakash Camera: Lenovo A5000 Location : Bryant Park, Lower Shola Rd, Kodaikanal,Tamil Nadu, India.

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