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Little scottie dahlia
Common Name: Little scottie dahlia
Botanical name: Dahlia Little Scottie
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Colombia, America
Category : Pom pom Dahlia, Pompon
Type : Herbaceous perennial plant
Flowers : Yellow, small, 3.5 inches wide
Location : Ooty botanical garden, nilgiri hills,tamil ndau, india




lily starfighter red white
Common Name: Lilium Starfighter, lily starfighter red white, Oriental Lily, Easter Lily
Botanical name: Amaryllis belladonna
Family: Alliaceae
Order: Asparagales
Origin / Native : South Africa
Synonym :Hippeastrum correiense
Type : Perennial herb
Uses: Cut flowers
Flowers: Red, white, green throat, large




Lagerstroemia speciosa
Common Name: Queen's Crape myrtle
Botanical name: Lagerstroemia speciosa
Family : Lythraceae
Order: Myrtales
Origin / Native : India,Tropical areas of south asia, Philippines
Height : Up to 65 feet tall
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore,india
Genus: Lagerstroemia
Best for: Parks, roadsides, avenues




Lupin ben dahlia
Common Name: Lupin ben dahlia
Botanical name: Dahlia hybrida
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Colombia, Central America
Height :Up to 4 feet tall
Cultivar Name : Dahlia 'Lupin Ben'
Tamil : Seemai alli
Hindi: Daliya
Best for: Pots, containers, borders




Leucas ciliata
Common Name: Mint leaves leucas, Woolly Leucas, Tufted Leucas
Botanical name: Leucas ciliata, Leucas marrubioides
Family: Lamiaceae
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native : Africa, Asia, Middle East, Queensland
Flowering Season :July to Sep
Type : Perennial herb
Tamil : Siru thumbai




Litchi chinensis
Common Name: Lychee, Lychee flower
Botanical name: Litchi chinensis
Family: Sapindaceae [soapberry family]
Order: Sapindales
Origin / Native : Guangdong, Fujian, China
Category :Evergreen tropical fruit tree
Height : Up to 90 feet tall
Genus : Litchi
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, Karnataka, India




Lady pamela carol rose
Common Name: Lady pamela carol rose
Botanical name: Rose 'Lady pamela carol'
Family: Rosaceae
Order: Rosales
Flowers : Yellow, large, mild fragrance
Uses :Cut flowers
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, karnataka, india
Foliage: Evergreen
Best for: Pots, containers, borders




Lilac petunia
Common Name: Lilac petunia
Botanical name: Petunia grandiflora
Family: Solanaceae
Type: Perennials, half hardy annuals
Origin / Native : North, South America
Flowers :Liliac, large, funnel shaped
Best for : Bedding garden, borders, pots, containers
Height: 12 inches
Flowering Season: Summer to autumn
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Leucophyllum frutescens
Common Name: Cenicilla, Texas Sage, Silverleaf
Botanical name: Leucophyllum frutescens
Family: Scrophulariaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native: Texas, Mexico
Category :Medium shrub
Height : Up to 60 inches tall
Location : Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore, Karnataka
Flowers : Pinkish purple, fuchsia, magenta




Love and peace rose
Common Name: Love and peace rose
Uses: Cut flowers
Family: Rosaceae
Order: Rosales
Best for : Pots, containers, edges
Flowers :Large, HotPink with CornSilk tricolor, 4.5 inches wide
Height : Up to 5 feet
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India
Foliage : Evergreen
Fragrance : Mild




Lantana scabiosaeflora
Common Name: Shrub verbena
Botanical name: Lantana scabiosaeflora
Family: Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Central & South America
Type :Perennial
Good For : Butterfly garden
Flowers: Yellow, small, clustered, showy
Best for : Pots, containers, borders
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Lovely lady rose
Common Name: Lovely lady rose
Botanical name: Rosa 'Lovely lady'
Uses: Cut flowers, vases, bouquet
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Best for :Pots, containers, edges
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore,india
Height: Up to 4 feet tall
Flowers: Pink, misty rose, medium, mild fragrance, evergreen foliage




Leucas aspera
Common Name: Thumbai, Common Leucas
Botanical name: Leucas aspera
Family: Lamiaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : India, Philippines
Height :Annual herb
Attracts : Bees, butterflies
Hindi : Chota halkusa
Used in: Traditional Philippines and tamil Medicine




Leucaena leucocephala
Common Name: Acacia glauca Wild, jumbay, white leadtree, white popinac
Botanical name: Leucaena leucocephala
Family: Fabaceae
Order: Fabales
Origin / Native : Mexico, America
Hindi :Subabul
Type : Annual
Flowers: Beige, Navajo white, Antique white, globe shaped
Height : 15 eet
Best for : Fences




Lacecap hydrangea
Common Name: Lacecap hydrangea
Botanical name: Hydrangea macrophylla
Family: Hydrangeaceae
Order: Cornales
Origin / Native : China, Japan, Korea
Flowers :Small, 4 petals, Pink, blue color, clustered
Height : Up to 5 feet tall
Flowers : Corn flower blue, 4 petals, clustered
Location : Ooty, nilgiri hills, india




Lepidagathis fasciculata
Common Name: Striped Lepidagathis, Lepidagathis
Botanical name: Lepidagathis fasciculata
Family: Acanthaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan
Height :Up to 1.5 feet
Category : Bristly prostrate herb
Flowers: White or Old lace, tiny
Foliage: Grayish green, bristly thorny edged leaves




Lavender petunia
Common Name: Lavender petunia
Botanical name: Petunia grandiflora
Family: Solanaceae
Flowering Season: Throughout the year
Category : Shrub, Herb
Height :9 to 12 inches
Type : Annual
Flowers: Lavender or Medium slate blue, wavy petals with white throat
Location: Lalbagh, Karnataka, India




Lysiphyllum hookeri
Common Name: Hooker's Bauhinia, Queensland Ebony
Botanical name: Lysiphyllum hookeri
Family: Fabaceae
Order: Fabales
Origin / Native: Queensland, Australia
Uses :Ornamental plant
Category : Small tree, Tall Shrub
Synonym : Bauhinia hookeri
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Lagerstroemia floribunda
Common Name: Crepe Myrtle, Thai crape myrtle, kedah bungo
Botanical name: Lagerstroemia floribunda
Family: Lythraceae
Order: Myrtales
Origin / Native : Tropical Southeast Asia
Official tree of :Saraburi Province, Thailand
Genus : Lagerstroemia
Synonym : Lagerstroemia turbinata
Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, India




Lavender garden phlox
Common Name: Lavender garden phlox
Botanical name: Phlox paniculata
Family: Polemoniaceae
Height: Up to 48 inches tall
Type : Perennial Herb
Flowering Season :July to Sep
Uses : Ornamental
Best for : Pots, borders, containers
Location : Lalbagh botanical gardens, Bangalore, Karnataka, India




Lavender thunbergia
Common Name: Lavender thunbergia
Botanical name: Thunbergia erecta
Family: Acanthaceae
Life Cycle: Perennials
Origin / Native : Tropical Africa
Height :Up to 60 inches tall
Type : Climbing vine, Tropical woody shrub
Location: Lalbagh, Bangalore, Karnataka, South India
Flowers : Medium slate blue with yellow throat




Lavender bougainvillea
Common Name: Lavender bougainvillea
Botanical name: Bougainvillea Peruviana
Family: Nyctaginaceae
Water & Light: Low water & Full sun
Origin / Native : Argentina, South California
Height :Up to 30 feet tall
Type : Evergreen Shrubs, Vines
Flowers: Lavender pink, violet, 3 petals, showy
Fragrance : Nil
Best for : Fences, hedges, borders




Little ironweed
Common Name: Little ironweed, Asian Ironweed
Botanical name: Cyanthillium cinereum
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : Asia, Central & North America, Australia
Category :Branched woody herb or Forb
Type : Annual, Perennial
Sanskrit : Sahadevi
Malayalam : Poovamkurunnila




Lantana involucrata
Common Name: Wild sage, Buttonsage
Botanical name: Lantana involucrata
Family: Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Tropical America, Mexico, Florida, West Indian islands
Height :Up to 2.4384m [96 inches] tall
Type : Medium shrub
Flowers: White, tiny, clustered
Best for : Butterfly park




Lablab bean
Common Name: Lablab bean, Indian bean
Botanical name: Lablab purpureus
Family: Fabaceae
Order: Fabales
Origin / Native : Africa, Tropical areas of the world
Type / Life cycle :Annual, short lived perennial climbing vine
Tamil : Avarai
Flowers: White, attracts insects
Synonym : Vicia faba




Lantana camara
Common Name: Big sage
Botanical name: Lantana camara
Family: Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : America, West Indies
Light Requirement :Full sun
Uses : Medicinal, Ornamental
Type: Perennial shrub
Location: Lalbagh, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.




Lavender egyptian star cluster
Common Name: Lavender egyptian star cluster
Botanical name: Pentas lanceolata
Family: Rubiaceae [madder family]
Type: Evergreen perennial shrub
Origin / Native : Africa
Light Requirement :Full Sun
Flowering Season : All Year
Flowers: Lavender, plum, medium purple, clustered
Best for: Butterfly garden, pots, containers




Common Name: Lavandulifolia
Botanical name: Salvia lavandulifolia
Family: Lamiaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : France, Spain
Height :Up to 2 meters
Genus : Salvia
Attracts: Bees, butterflies
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, India
Best for: Bedding garden, borders




Lantana armata
Common Name: Tickberry
Botanical name: Lantana armata
Family: Verbenaceae
Care & Light: Full Sun, Average water, easy to grow
Origin / Native : Tropical America
Class :Magnoliopsida
Synonym: Lantana aculeata
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Attracts: Bees, butterflies




Lavender zinnia
Common Name: Lavender zinnia
Botanical name: Zinnia elegans
Family: Asteraceae
Light Requirement & Care: Full sun, Average water
Life Cycle : Annuals
Species :elegans
Height : Up to 36 inches tall
Best for: Borders, pots, containers, garden beds




Lactuca serriola
Common Name: Milk thistle, Prickly Lettuce
Botanical name: Lactuca serriola
Family: Asteraceae
Synonym: Lactuca sativa
Origin / Native : Africa, Asia, Europe, Eurasia
Grows in :Roadsides, fields
Life cycle : Annual, biennial
Sanskrit : Kahu
Flowers: Beige
Genus : Lactuca




limonium sinuatum blue
Common Name: limonium sinuatum blue
Botanical name: Limonium sinuatum statice
Origin / Native : Mediterranean areas of the world
Genus :Limonium
Category : Mediterranean plant
Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, South India
Flowers: Purple with white




larkspur purple
Common Name: Larkspur purple
Botanical name: Delphinium staphisagria
Family : Ranunculaceae
Order: Ranunculales
Origin / Native : Tropical Africa
Flowers :Showy, upright spikes of purple clustered blossoms
Type : Annual, perennial
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Best for: Borders, pots
Height : Up to 3 feet




Common Name: True lilies, Lilium
Botanical name: Lilium auratum
Family: Liliaceae
Order: Liliales
Origin / Native : Europe, Asia, Japan
Life Cycle :Perennial
Category : Herb
Uses: Cut flowers
Propagation : Bulbs
Location : Chennai Flowershow, Tamilnadu, South India




Common Name: Lantana
Botanical name: Lantana rugulosa
Family: Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Tropical areas of America, Africa
Flowers :Small, Clustered, pink with white blossoms
Type : Perennial
Foliage: Evergreen




lobularia maritima
Common Name: Alyssum, sweet alyssum, sweet alison
Botanical name: Lobularia maritima
Family: Brassicaceae
Order: Brassicales
Origin / Native : Mediterranean areas of the world
Type :Annual, short lived perennial
Growth Rate : Slow
Flowers: White, small, 4 petals, clustered
Best for : Borders, pots, garden beds




lantana pink
Common Name: Lantana pink
Botanical & Cultivar name: Lantana camara bandana
Family: Verbenaceae
Height :Up to 3 feet tall
Attracts :Butterflies, bees
Type : Annual, Evergreen perennial
Location: Trichy, Tamilnadu, South India
Flowers: Pink with yellow throat, clustered, 5 petals




luffa acutangula
Common Name: Angled luffa, Chinese okra, Rridged gourd, Silk gourd
Botanical name: Luffa acutangula
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Order: Cucurbitales
Origin / Native : India, Asia
Tamil :Peerkangai
Uses : Medicinal, Cuisine
Category : Climbing vine
Flowers: Yellow, small, mild fragrance




Lindernia Parviflora
Common Name: Small blue parviflora
Botanical name: Lindernia Parviflora
Family: Linderniaceae
Type: Annual
Origin / Native : India
Category :Herb
Synonym : Ilysanthes parviflora
Foliage: Evergreen
Flowers: Blue, velvety, small
Location : Srirangam, trichy, india




Common Name: Leek, bulb onion
Botanical name: Allium cepa
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Order: Asparagales
Synonym : Allium ascalonicum
Type :Annual, Perennial, biennial
Genus : Allium
Flowers : White with green veined, clustered
Location: Kundadam, Tamilnadu, South India
Tamil: Vengaya poo




limonium sinuatum
Common Name: wavyleaf sea lavender
Botanical name: limonium sinuatum
Family: Plumbaginaceae
Order: Caryophyllales
Plant distribution: Asia, Europe, Africa
Type :Perennial herb, Woody shrub
Height : Up to 27 inches tall
Best for: Pots, borders, containers
Flowers: Purple with white
Location : Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, South India




lagenaria siceraria
Common Name: Calabash, bottle gourd
Botanical name: Lagenaria siceraria
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Flowering Season: July to Sep
Origin / Native : Tropical Africa
Height :Up to 20 feet
Life Cycle & Category : Annual Climbing vine
Flowers: White, mild hairy, 5 petals
Foliage : Deep green
Tamil Name : Suraikkaai poo




Common Name: Lettuce, Florida lettuce, False lettuce, Woodland lettuce, tall blue lettuce
Botanical name: Lactuca floridana
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Distribution/ Found in : Africa, Eurasia, Asia
Synonym :Lactuca tuberosa
Type : Annuals, Perennial, Biennial
Location: Himalaya




Common Name: Lotus, Nelumbo, Indian lotus
Botanical name: Nelumbo nucifera
Family: Nelumbonaceae
Order: Proteales
Origin / Native : Asia, Australia
Height :Up to 60 inches
National flower of : India, Vietnam
Flowers: Pink
Tamil : Thamarai
Foliage : Evergreen




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