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Russelia equisetiformis
Common Name: Coral fountain
Botanical name: Russelia equisetiformis
Family : Plantaginaceae
Height: Up to 60 inches tall
Origin / Native : Mexico, Guatemala
Category : Deciduous Weeping shrub, subshrub
Genus : Russelia
Location :Lalbagh, bangalore,karnataka, india
Flowers :Red, beige, white, funnel shaped small




red rose bicolor
Common Name: Red rose bicolor, Hybrid Tea Rose
Botanical name: Rosa hybrida
Uses: Cut flowers
Flowers: Red with white, bicolour, showy, large, fragrance
Height : 3 feet
Family :Rosaceae
Type : Perennial
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Red bronze chrysanthemum
Common Name: Red bronze chrysanthemum
Flowers: Red bronze, showy with deep green foliage
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Type : Annual, Perennial
Used for : Cut flowers
Best for : Garden beds, borders, pots, hanging baskets
Light Requirement: Sunny, open, well drained




rose banana yellow
Common Name: Rose banana yellow
Cultivar: Rosa Sunsprite
Family : Rosaceae
Height: 3 feet
Origin / Native : Germany
Uses : Cut flowers
Flowers : Yellow, large, fragrance, double
Category: Hybrid tea rose
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore,india




rose almond banana mania
Common Name: Rose almond banana mania
Botanical name: Rosa floribunda
Family: Rosaceae
Order: Rosales
Flowers : Beige, antique white, large, fragrant, colourful
Height :Up to 4 feet tall
Uses : Cut flowers
Plant : Upright, deep green foliage
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




rosa rubiginosa pink
Common Name: Rosa rubiginosa pink
Botanical name: Rosa indica
Family: Rosaceae
Order: Rosales
Category : Subshrub
Height :Up to 4 feet tall
Flowers : Tomato orange, salmon pink, sandy brown, mild fragrance, small
Foliage : Deep green, healthy
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




Ruellia humilis
Common Name: Fringeleaf wild petunia, wild petunia
Botanical name: Ruellia humilis
Family: Acanthaceae
Order: Lamiales
Type : Perennial
Category :Herb, Climbing shrub, Vine
Origin / Native : Eastern United States
Flowers : Purple with white throat, funnel shaped
Location : Kundadam, Tirupur, TN, India




Robusta coffee
Common Name: Robusta coffee, robusta coffee flower
Botanical name: Coffea canephora
Family: Rubiaceae
Order: Gentianales
Origin / Native : Ethiopia, Africa
Category :Shrub, Robust / hardy tree
Genus: Coffea
Height: 12 feet
Flowers: White, clustered
Foliage : Deep green, glossy




Rain lily
Common Name: Rain lily
Botanical name: Zephyranthes citrina
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Order: Asparagales
Origin / Native : America, Mexico
Uses :Ornamental
Type & Category : Perennial Plant
Foliage: Simple, narrow-leaved, grass like leaves
Flowers: Yellow, colourful, 6 petals
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Rungia crenata
Common Name: Purple Tooth Rungia, Toothed Rungia
Botanical name: Rungia crenata
Family: Acanthaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native: India, China
Type :Erect herb
Height : Up to 36 inches tall
Flowering Month : July to April
Flowers : White with blue violet, tiny




Rain tree
Common Name: Samanea saman, Saman, Rain tree
Botanical name: Pithecellobium saman
Family: Fabaceae
Order: Fabales
Origin / Native : Caribbean, South & Central America
Synonym :Albizia saman
Height : Up to 50 feet tall
Flowers : White with pink, smooth, clustered




Red euphorbia milii
Common Name: Red euphorbia milii
Botanical name: Euphorbia milii var. hislopii
Family: Spurge family
Type: Annual
Origin / Native : Madagascar
Best For :Containers, Summer Garden
Category : Cactus Plant
Height : 3 feet
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India
Flowers : Red, small, clustered, showy with thorny foliage




Red dianthus
Common Name: Red dianthus
Botanical name: Dianthus barbatus‎
Family : Caryophyllaceae
Origin / Native: Europe, Africa, Asia
Height : 1.5 feet
Flowers :Red, colourful, fragrant, large
Type : Perennial
Plant & foliage: Bright green leaves, erect stems, lance-shaped leaves
Excellent for : Cutting & border
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Redbird cactus
Common Name: Redbird cactus
Type: Succulent erect shrub
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Height: 5 feet tall
Synonym : Pedilanthus tithymaloides
Care & Use :Easy to grow, Average Water, Summer Blooming
Flowers : Deep pink or red, tiny, bird shaped
Best for: Pots, borders
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Rungia parviflora
Common Name: Rungia
Botanical name: Rungia parviflora
Family: Acanthaceae
Flowers: Purple, tiny,single petal with hairy bracts
Foliage : Evergreen, hairy, Leaves are oval, simple
Category :Large Evergreen Tree
Uses & Order : Medicinal & Lamiales
Grow In: Dry Lands, Wild Areas
Type : Annual creeping plant, Herb




Red okra flower
Common Name: Red okra flower
Closely Related To: Hibiscus
Family: Malvaceae [mallow family]
Uses: Cuisine, Medicinal
Origin / Native : Ethiopia, Africa
Height :Up to 2.4 Meters tall
Plant Info : Large, light yellow flower with red Stems, red fruits, heart shaped hairy leaf
Fruits & seeds: Edible, seeds are black
Location : Kundadam, tirupur, india




Red bird of paradise
Common Name: Red bird of paradise
Kannada: Kenjige
Family: Fabaceae
Malayalam: Rajamalli
Origin / Native : Tropical America, West Indies
Dangerous:Seeds are Poisonous
Telugu :Ratnagandhi
Height: 7 feet
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Red hibiscus
Common Name:Parasol flower, Mandarins hat
Botanical name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Family: Malvaceae
Order: Malvales
Attracts : bees, butterflies
Type :Herbaceous perennial
Uses : Medicinal, ayurvedic, flowers & leaves used for hair growth
Flowers: Red, 5 petals, showy
Best for: Edges, hedges
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Red nongmangkha
Common Name: Red nongmangkha
Botanical name: Phlogacanthus pubinervius
Family: Acanthaceae
Order: Scrophulariales
Class: Magnoliopsida
Genus :Phlogacanthus
Category : Evergreen shrub
Flowers : Chocolate orange, small, funnel shaped, clustered
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore,india
Best for : Pots, borders




Red pentas
Common Name: Red pentas
Botanical name:Pentas lanceolata
Family: Rubiaceae
Good For : Summer Garden
Flowering Season : Spring, Summer
Type / Life cycle :Annual
Flowers : Red, colourful, clustered
Attracts : Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, South India




Red zinnia
Common Name: Red zinnia
Botanical name: Zinnia angustifolia
Family: Asteraceae
Best For: Summer Garden, Borders
Origin / Native: Mexico
Height :12 inches to 36 inches tall
Type : Annual
Flowers : Orange red, showy, colourful
Good for: Borders, pots, garden beds




Rose allamanda
Common Name: Rose allamanda
Botanical name: Strophanthus gratus
Family: Apocynaceae
Flowering Season & Flowers: Spring, Summer & Small, Fragrant, 5 petals, clustered
Flowering Color : Pink, Burgundy, greyish violet, Moderate purple
Type:Sprawling vine
Category : Small tree, shrub
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India
Foliage : Evergreen, glossy, simple




Ricinus communis
Common Name: Castor bean, mamona plant
Botanical name: Ricinus communis
Family: Euphorbiaceae
Genus: Ricinus
Origin / Native : Middle East, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Africa
Type & Category :Perennial shrub or small tree
Uses : Ornamental, Medicinal
Flowers: Beige, honey dew, clustered
Best for : Edges




Red bougainvillea
Common Name: Red bougainvillea
Botanical name: Bougainvillea glabra
Family: Nyctaginaceae
Good for: Bonsai, fence, arch, hedges, contianers
Origin / Native : South America
Special Feature :Drought & heat tolerant
Category : Evergreen climbing Vine
Flowers : Red, magenta, fuchsia, deep pink, clustered, colourful, showy, no fragrance
Tamil : Paper flower




Red chinese hat flower
Common Name: Red chinese hat flower
Botanical name: Holmskioldia sanguinea
Height & Spread: Up to 72 inches tall & 60 inches wide
Flowering Season: Early Summer, Summer, Autumn
Origin / Native : Sub tropical & Lowlands of Himalayas
Category :Erect Climbing Shrub
Type & Category : Evergreen Perennial Shrub




Red flag bush
Common Name: Red flag bush, Prophet's Tears
Botanical name: Mussaenda erythrophylla
Family: Rubiaceae
Grow well in: Full Sun, Part Shade
Origin / Native : Tropical& West Africa
Category :Evergreen scrambling shrub
Best For : Containers, Summer garden
Location: Lalbagh, karnataka, india
Flowers: Red, showy, colourful




Red garden phlox
Common Name: Red garden phlox, Phlox Miss Mary
Botanical & cultivar name: Phlox paniculata red riding hood
Flowers :Small, 1 ½ inch, Red with white throat
Grow well in: Moist, well drained soil, full sun
Origin / Native :North America
Good For:Summer garden, Borders
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Common Name: Rosoideae, Austin Rose
Cultivar name: Rose benjamin britten
Category : Climbing Shrub
Height: Up to 8 feet tall
Flowering Season : All Year
Flowers :Deep pink, medium violet red, magenta, strong fragrant
Uses : Cuisines, Medicinal, cut flowers
Foliage: Evergreen, strong, climber
Camera : Nikon D40X




Red phlox paniculata
Common Name: Red phlox paniculata
Cultivar: Phlox paniculata red riding hood
Flowering Season: Early Summer, Early Fall
Water Requirement: Average Water
Origin / Native : New York, Germany, England
Height :Up to 24 inches
Type & Category : Herbaceous perennial
Flowers:Crimson red with maroon eye, clustered, showy
Location: Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




Red salvia
Common Name: Red salvia
Family : Lamiaceae
Height: 24 inches to 48 inches tall
Type & Category: Evergreen perennial shrub
Origin / Native : Brazil
Good For :Summer garden, Container, Borders
Flowers:Red, showy, colourful, tall spikes of long-lasting blooms
Foliage: Mid green, lanceolate leaves, branching stems




Red snapdragon
Common Name: Red snapdragon
Botanical name: Antirrhinum majus
Family: Plantaginaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Mediterranean region
Life Cycle:Annual
Height : Dwarf to 3 feet tall
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Good for : Borders, garden beds




Red with yellow snapdragon
Common Name: Red with yellow snapdragon
Family : Plantaginaceae
Genus: Antirrhinum
Order: Gentianales
Origin / Native : North Africa, Europe
Light Requirement & Care : Well drained soil, Full Sun, Partial Shade, Water Regularly
Best For: Summer Garden, Borders
Flowering colors : Deep pink, medium violet red, dark magenta
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




Rivina humilis
Common Name: Rouge plant, Baby peppers
Botanical name: Rivina humilis
Order : Caryophyllales
Found in : Central & South America, Caribbean islands
Type & Category :Evergreen perennial herb, Shrub, Vine
Flower, Seeds : White, Red
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, karnataka, South India




Rivina humilis flower
Common Name: Rivina humilis flower
Synonym: Rivina laevis
Family:Phytolaccaceae [Pokeweed family]
Grow In : Roadsides, forests
Origin / Native : America
Uses : Ornamental, House Plant, Medicinal
Genus : Rivina
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Flowers : White, small spikes of tiny blooms




Rondeletia odorata
Common Name: Panama rose, Rondeletia
Botanical name: Rondeletia odorata
Family:Rubiaceae [coffee family]
Order : Gentianales
Origin / Native : Panama, Cuba
Category :Large shrub, small tree
Genus : Rondeletia
Flowers : Orange, salmon with yellow bicolour, small, clustered, showy
Foliage : Deep green
Best for : Hedges




Rose of venezuela buds
Common Name: Rose of venezuela buds
Botanical name: Brownea grandiceps
Order : Fabales
Origin / Native : South America
Growth Rate :Low
Category : Small Tree
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Flowers : Orange red, tomato, or salmon pink, showy, clustered, attracts bees




Ruellia prostrata
Common Name: Wild Petunia, Black weed, Bell Weed
Botanical name: Ruellia prostrata
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native : Madagascar
Genus :Ruellia
Synonym :Ruellia rivularis
Flowering Season : June to Sep
Camera : Nikon D40X
Flowers : Medium purple, medium slate blue, funnel shaped, showy




Common Name: Rose
Botanical name: Rosa damascena
Order : Rosales
Origin / Native : Asia, Africa, Europe, America
Flowers :Fragrant, magenta pink, Showy, Large, Single or Clustered
Uses : Ornamental, Medicinal
Camera : Nikon D40X
Light requirement : Sunny, part shade
Location : Kundadam, tirupur, india




rose deep cerise
Common Name: Rose deep cerise
Botanical name: Rosa Violet Carson
Order : Rosales
Origin / Native : Asia, Europe, North Africa
Flowers :Large, Fragrant, Used in Cuisine & Drink
Category : Shrub
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, India
Height : 4 feet
Flowers : Hot pink, Pale violet red, large, mild fragrance




rose ivory
Common Name: Rose ivory
Family: Rosaceae
Uses : Cut flowers, perfumes, commercial, art
Height : 5 feet
Light Requirement :Full Sun, open
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore,india
Flowers : White, large, fragrance, showy
Soil : Well-drained, moisture, retentive loam




rose purple
Common Name: Rose purple
Botanical name: Bernd weigel rose
Order : Rosales
Foliage : Deep green
Flowers :Purple, blue violet light, large, single, fragrance
Height : 8 feet
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, karnataka, india




rose mulberry
Common Name: Rose mulberry
Botanical name: William baffin rose
Order : Rosales
Flowers : Medium violet red, small, fragrance
Height :Up to 4 feet
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India
Best for : Pots, containers
Light requirement : Full sun
Foliage : Deep green




rose barn red
Common Name: Rose barn red
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rosa mister lincoln
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Height : Up to 4 feet tall
Flowers :Deep red, maroon, large, fragrance, colourful
Good For : Cut Flowers
Suitable for : Borders, bedding garden
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




rose amber
Common Name: Rose amber
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rosa amber flush
Order : Rosales
Uses : Cut flowers, bouquets
Flowers :Yellow, mild fragrant, large, showy
Height : 4 feet
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Category : Hybrid tea roses




rose apricot yellow
Common Name: Rose apricot yellow
Cultivar name: Duquesa de penaranda rose
Order :Rosales
Category : Hybrid Tea Rose
Uses :Ornamental, Cut Flowers
Height : 5 feet
Flowers : Apricot yellow, salmon, light coral, coral, tomato, bicolour, large, fragrance
Location : Lalbagh rose garden, bangalore




rose atomic tangerine
Common Name: Rose atomic tangerine
Cultivar name: Sunset celebration rose
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Flowers : Medium, Amber orange color petals, fragrance
Growth Rate :Low
Height : 2.5 feet
Type : Hybrid roses
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, India
Plant : Compact shrub, straight,branching




rose baby pink
Common Name: Rose baby pink
Cultivar name: Abraham darby rose
Family: Rosaceae
Order :Rosales
Origin / Native : England
Height :6 feet
Synonym : Candy Rain
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Flowers : Baby pink, misty rose, large, fragrance, showy




rose baker miller pink
Common Name: Rose baker miller pink
Cultivar name: Rosa damasciana, St nicholas rose
Order : Rosales
Category : Climber, Shrub
Good For :Container, hedging
Flowers : Pink, salmon, coral with white, small, fragrance
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Foliage : Deep green




rose bittersweet colour
Common Name: Rose bittersweet colour
Order: Rosales
Family: Rosaceae
Cultivar Name: Doris tysterman rose
Fragrant : Mild
Flowers :Orange, tomato, salmon, coral, large, mild fragrance, showy
Folaige : Healthy, stifff, straight
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, India
Uses : Cut flowers




rose brilliant rose
Common Name: Rose brilliant rose
Cultivar name: Hybrid perpetual rose
Family: Rosaceae
Order: Rosales
Light Requirement & care: Rich Soil, Full Sun, Part Shade, Water Regularly
Flowers :Large, hot pink, double, showy, colourful, fragrance
Height : 4 feet
Foliage : Straight, healthy, stiff, compact
Uses : Cut flowers




rex begonia merry christmas
Common Name: Rex begonia merry christmas
Foliage: Large, pink with green variegated, colourful
Light & Water:Full Sun, Part Shade, Water regularly, Do not over water
Suitable for : Borders, bedding garden, pots
Uses : House plants
Type :Evergreen perennial
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, karnataka, india




rose deep carmine pink
Common Name: Rose deep carmine pink
Botanical name: Rosa Grandiflora
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Flowers : Bright watermelon orange, medium, fragrance
Height :Up to 4 feet
Uses : Cut flowers
Location : lalbagh, bangalore, india
Foliage : Healthy, straight, stiff, compact
Light requirement : Sunny, open




rose dogwood rose
Common Name: Rose dogwood rose
Cultivar name: Cherry Girl rose
Family: Rosaceae
Order :Rosalesa
Category : Floribunda
Flowers :Red, colourful, showy, fragrance, large, double
Uses : Cut flowers
Location : Lalbagh rose garden, bangalore, india




rose golden yellow
Common Name: Rose golden yellow
Cultivar name: rosa 'Mountbatten'
Family: Rosaceae
Order: Rosales
Flowers : Bright yellow, large, fragrance, colourful, showy
Height :5 feet
Uses : Cut flowers
Foliage : Healthy, compact modern shrub, stiff
Location : Lalbagh rose garden, Bangalore, India




rose lavender magenta
Common Name: Rose lavender magenta
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rosa pink meilove
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Category : Patio rose or Floribunda rose
Care :Full sun, well-drained, fertile soils
Uses : Cut flowers
Flowers: Pink, large, fragrance, colourful, showy with straight healthy foliage




Rose magenta
Common Name: Rose magenta
Category: Hybrid Tea Rose
Order : Rosales
Uses : Cut flowers
Foliage :Healthy, deep green, strong, compact shrub
Flowers : Magenta, fuchsia, double, 35 to 40 petals, large, colourful, showy, fragrance
Location : Ooty rose garden, nilgiris, india
Height : 5 feet tall




rose light carmine pink
Common Name: Rose light carmine pink
Cultivar name: Fragrant cloud rose
Category :Hybrid perpetuals-Rosa borboniana & china roses
Height: 4 feet tall
Flowers : Coral, salmon pink, large, fully double, fragrance, showy
Uses:Cut flowers
Flowering : Recurrent
Location : Lalbagh rose garden, bangalore, karnataka, india




rose medium lavender magenta
Common Name: Rose medium lavender magenta
Cultivar name: Unicef rose
Order : Rosales
Flowers : Pink with White, medium, showy, fragrance
Uses :Cut flowers
Height : 3 feet
Location : Lalbagh botanical gardens, Bangalore, Karnataka




rhododendron arboreum laligurans
Common Name: Rhododendron
Botanical name: Rhododendron arboreum
Order : Ericales
Found in : India, Sri Lanka, China
Category :Evergreen shrub, small tree
Height : 4 feet to 12 feet
Flowers : White, large, showy, clustered
Good for : Hedges
Location : Ooty botanical gardens, nilgiris, india




rex begonia shirley
Common Name: Rex begonia shirley
Foliage: Large, Green, Ruby Red and Silver mixed
Botanical Name:Begonia rex cultorum
Family : Begoniaceae
Category : Ornamental Plant
Height :Up to 2 feet
Good for : Borders, pots, garden beds
Location : Lalbagh, karnataka, South India
Camera : Nikon D40X




rose debian red
Common Name: Rose debian red
Cultivar name: Christian dior rose
Botanical Name:Rosa Christian Dior
Type : Perennial
Habit : Shrub
Height :Up to 5 feet
Care, Light : Full, Part Sun, Moderate water, Hardy plant
Flowers : Red, large, fragrance, double, colourful
Foliage : Healthy, deep green




rose cerise pink
Common Name: Rose cerise pink
Botanical name: Rosa officinalis
Order : Rosales
Category : Shrub
Flower :Pink with Red shade, mild fragrant, large, fragrance, showy
Height : 6 feet
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Uses : Cut flowers




rose congo pink
Common Name: Rose congo pink
Cultivar name: Berolina rose
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Category : Shrub
Height :Up to 5 feet
Flowers : Orange, salmon pink, large, showy, fragrance
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, karnataka, south India




rose cadmium yellow
Common Name: Rose cadmium yellow
Family: Rosaceae
Flowers : Yellow, very large, fragrance, showy, colourful
Foliage & plant : Healthy, deep green
Height :5 feet
Site : Sunny, open
Soil : Well drained, moisture, or sandy soils
Propagation : Cuttings
Pests : Aphids, caterpillars, froghoppers




rex begonia hybrids red
Common Name: Rex begonia hybrids red
Genus: Begonia
Foliage:Curly, Ruby red, Plum and Purple mixed, showy
Good For : Pots, Borders, Garden beds
Care & Light Requirement : Full Sun, Part Shade, Moist Soil
Type :Annual
Location : Lalbagh botanical gardens, bangalore, karnataka, india




rex begonia her majesty
Common Name: Rex begonia her majesty
Folaige: Simple, Green, white with maroon strips in the middle
Height:1.5 feet
Uses : Ornamental
Suitable for : Borders, pots, garden beds
Type :Annual plant
Location :Lalbagh botanical gardens, bangalore, karnataka, india
Light requirement : Full sun
Camera : Nikon D40X




rex begonia esther
Common Name: Rex begonia esther
Plant: Simple, asymmetrical, Green with Magenta pink or medium violet red mixed leaves, showy, colourful
Height:12 inches
Suitable for : Mixed borders, pots, garden beds
Origin / Native : Tropical Subtropical India
Type :Annual, Evergreen perennial
Location : Lalbagh, karnataka, South India
Camera : Nikon D40X




rex begonia green goddess
Common Name: Rex begonia green goddess
Plant & foliage: Green, Maroon, Curly
Height:12 inches to 2 feet
Good For : Mixed Borders
Category : Shrub
Type :Perennial
Uses : Ornamental
Location : Lalbagh botanical gardens, , bangalore, karnataka, south India
Light requirement : Sunny
Camera : Nikon D40X




rex begonia curly lion
Common Name: Rex begonia curly lion, Fancy leaf begonias
Botanical name: Begonia rex
Order : Cucurbitales
Origin / Native : India
Plant & foliage : Yellowish green, maroon, Silver, showy, colourful
Good for : Mixed borders, pots, garden beds
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




rex begonia camelot
Common Name: Rex begonia camelot
Category : Painted leaf plant
Leaves :Black, Maroon, Pink, White and Green Mixed, colourful, showy
Good for : Mixed borders, pots, garden beds
Genus : Begonia
Order :Cucurbitales
Family :Begoniaceae
Location : Lalbagh botanical gardens, bangalore, india
Height : 1.5 feet




Red rose
Common Name: Red rose
Cultivar name: Marcel pagnol rose
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Uses : Cutflowers, bouquets
Flowers :Crimson Red, medium, showy, fragrance, colourful
Category : Shrub
Location : Lalbagh rose garden, bangalore, karnataka, india




red rose black magic
Common Name: Red rose black magic
Botanical name: Rosa Mister Lincoln
Order : Rosales
Uses :Cutflowers, bouquets
Flowers :Red, large, fragrance, showy
Location : Lalbagh rose garden, bangalore, karnataka, india
Height : 4 feet tall
Foliage : Deep green




rose brown
Common Name: Rose reddish brown
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rosa Ingrid Bergman
Family: Rosaceae
Order :Rosales
Category : Hybrid tea rose
Good For :Pots, containers
Uses : Cut Flowers
Flowers : Large, dark red, Mild Fragrant, Single, strong stems
Foliage : Deep green, stiff, compact shrub




Red and white variegated dahlia
Common Name: Red and white variegated dahlia
Flowers: Red with white variegated, large, showy, colourful
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Colombia, Central America
Height :Up to 46.9 inches tall
Category : Decorative
Tamil : Seemai alli
Type: Annual, Tender perennial




rose brink pink yellow bicolour
Common Name: Rose brink pink yellow bicolour
Uses: Cut flowers
Order : Rosales
Flowers : Salmon, coral, sandy brown with yellow bicolour, showy, fragrance, large
Foliage :Deep green, stiff, upright, compact shrub
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Height : 5 feet tall




rose pink white fantasy may 2010 kodaikanal
Common Name: Rose pink white fantasy
Cultivar name: Ferdinand pichard rose
Order : Rosales
Uses : Cut flowers
Flowers :White with magenta pink, bicolour, showy, large, fragrance
Height : 4 feet
Location : Ooty rose garden, Tn, india
Plant : Compact shrub, deep green foliage




rose bud pink white may2010 kdm
Common Name: Rose bud pink white
Botanical name: Honore de balzac rose
Order : Rosales
Uses : Cut flowers, bouquet
Flowers :Pink, white with yellow shade or corn silk, bicolour, double, large, showy
Fragrant : Mild, good
Good For : Borders, Garden Rose
Foliage & Plant: Healthy, evergreen, compact shrub, up to 5 feet tall




rose bud beige may2010 kodaikanal
Common Name: Rose bud beige
Uses: Cut flowers, bouquet
Order : Rosales
Flowers buds : Misty rose, bisque, pink, Double, Large Petals, Sprial Buds, blooming Repeatedly
Fragrance :Mild
Foliage & Plant: Strong, compact, mid-green, 4 feet
Location : Kodaikanal, tamil nadu, south india




rose baby pink may2010 kodaikanal
Common Name: Rose baby pink
Cultivar name: St nicholas rose
Order: : Rosales
USes : Cut flowers
Flowers :Light pink, misty rose, medium, double, showy, fragrance
Folaige : Deep green
Height : 4 feet tall
Location : Kodaikanal, ooty




Rose bud pink
Common Name: Rose bud pink
Botanical name: Rosa Benjamin britten
Family:Rubiaceae [madder Family]
Good for : Archs, hedges, fence
Category : Climbing shrub
Uses :Cuisine, Ornamental, Medicine
Flowers : Deep pink, medium violet red, magenta, large, showy, colourful
Fragrance : Strong
Group : English Roses




rose moccasin
Common Name: Rose moccasin
Botanical name: Rosa Elina
Order : Rosales
Flowers : White, Large, Showy, fragrance
Foliage & Plant :Deep green, strong, comapct shrub
Uses : Cut flowers
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Height : 4 feet tall




rose misty rose
Common Name: Rose misty rose, Musk rose
Botanical name: Rosa moschata
Order : Rosales
Origin/ Native : Western Himalayas
Plant :Compact shrub, healthy, 5 feet, deep green foliage
Flowers : Beige with light pink shade, large, single, fragrance
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, Karnataka
Uses : Cut flowers




rose mint cream
Common Name: Rose mint cream
Cultivar name: Pope john paul ii rose
Order : Rosales
Flowers : White, honey dew, ivory,large, showy, fragrance
Foliage :Deep green
Height : 5 feet
Used for : Cut flowers, bouquet
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




rose beige
Common Name: Rose beige
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rose 'Anne harkness'
Order : Rosales
Used for: Cut flowers
Good for :Borders
Flowers : Beige, peach puff, Moccasin, navajo white, small, showy, fragrance
Foliage : Mid green, healthy, compact shrub
Height : 4 feet




rose orange
Common Name: Rose orange
Botanical & Cultivar name: Liverpool Echo Floribunda rose
Flower Buds:Spiral
Attracts : Butterflies, Bees
Flowers : Orange red, medium, fragrance, colourful
Used for :Cut flowers
Foliage : Evergreen, compact, stiff, strong healthy
Height : 4 feet




Rose red
Common Name: Rose red
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rosa Royal William
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Used for : Cut flowers, bouquet
Foliage :Healthy, compact, stiff, mid green
Flowers : Deep red, maroon, fire brick, small, colourful, showy,fragrance
Height : 3 feet
Best for : Pots, borders




rose pink white
Common Name: Rose pink white
Botanical name: Rosa indica
Order : Rosales
Cultivar Name : David Austin Roses, Ophelia rose
Hindi :Gulab
Flowers : White with pink shade, misty rose, Small, fragrance, showy
Foliage: Evergreen, healthy, compact climber
Height : 6 feet




rosa chinensis
Common Name: Purple meidiland rose
Botanical name : Rosa chinensis
Category:Patio rose
Flowers : Medium violet red, purple, small, clustered, fragrance, chowy
Foliage : Mid green, healthy, strong small shrub
Height :3 feet
Best for : Borders, pots
Light requirement : Sunny, open




rosa damascena
Common Name: Damask rose, benjamin britten rose
Botanical name: Rosa damascena
Order :Rosales
Origin / Native : India, China, Russia
Flowers :Deep pink, magenta pink, medium violet red, large, strong fragrance, colourful
Habit : Climber
Used for : Cuisines, perfumes




ruellia angustifolia
Common Name: Mexican bluebell, Ruellia simplex
Botanical name: Ruellia angustifolia
Family :Acanthaceae
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native : Mexico, South America, Caribbean Islands
Flowers :Blue, medium slate blue, small, funnel shaped, showy
Type & Habit: Herbaceous perennial
Height : 2 feet




rose yellow pink
Common Name: Rose yellow pink
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rosa 'Laura ford'
Order : Rosales
Height : 3 feet
Flowers :Yellow with pink petals, small, fragrance, colourful
Used for :Cut flowers
Light requirement :Sunny, open




rose deep pink
Common Name: Rose deep pink
Cultivar name : Hannah gordon rose
Order : Rosales
Flowers : Magenta pink with white, medium, clustered, fragrance, colourful
Height :Up to 3 feet
Foliage : Compact, healthy, strong, mid green
Used for : Cut flowers
Good for : Pots, borders




rose hybrid
Common Name: Rose hybrid
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rose 'Cajun sunrise'
Order : Rosales
Group : Hybrid Tea Rose
Blooms :Spiral
Height: Up to 60 Inches tall
Flowers : White with pink, Classic, Mild Fragrance, Striking color combined petals
Foliage : Evergreen




rose white
Common Name: Rose white
Botanical & Cultivar name: Rosa 'Frau karl druschki'
Order : Rosales
Flowers : White, Medium, Double, Fragrance, Showy
Uses :Cut flowers
Height : 5 feet
Foliage : Deep green
Location : Ooty rose garden, nilgiris, india




rosa moschata
Common& Cultivar Name:Madame alfred carriere rose
Botanical name: Rosa moschata
Order : Rosales
Flowers : Yellow with white, medium, fragrance, showy
Category :Old Garden Rose
Type : Climbing shrub
Foliage: Deep green




rosa gallica
Common Name: Adam messerich rose
Botanical name: Rosa gallica
Order : Rosales
Flowering : Repeatedly
Flowers :Light pink with white shade, medium, fragrant, clustered, showy
Category : Old bourbon rose
Type : Ornamental Flowering Shrub
Foliage : Deep green, best for borders




hybrid tea rose
Common Name: Hybrid tea rose
Light requirement: Sunny, open, well drained soils
Order : Rosales
Uses : Cut flowers
Flowers :Brownish yellow, bicolour, large, fragrance, colourful, showy
Foliage : Healthy, compact, deep green, stiff shrub
Height : 4 feet




hybrid rose pink
Common Name: Hybrid rose pink
Botanical name: Rosa 'Honore de balzac'
Order : Rosales
Uses : Cut flowers
Flowers :Pink with white, bicolour, large, showy, fragrance, colourful
Foliage:Healthy, compact, deep green, stiff shrub
Height : 2 feet




hybrid rose red white
Common Name: Hybrid rose red white
Botanical name: Rosa Double Delight
Group :Hybrid tea rose
Family : Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Height :Up to 5 inches tall
Flowers : White with red, white petals, large, fragrance
Light requirement : Full sun
Plant & Foliage : Deep green, healthy, compact shrub




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