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Torch ginger
Common Name: Torch ginger
Botanical name: Etlingera elatior
Family : Zingiberaceae
Order: Zingiberales
Origin / Native : Southeast Asia
Genus : Etlingera
Type : Perennial
Location :Lalbagh, bangalore,karnataka, india
Flowers :Red, large, colourful, showy connected with strong & long stem




Tagetes patula
Common Name: Tagetes patula honeycomb
Botanical name: Tagetes patula
Family : Asteraceae [daisy family]
Synonym: Tagetes lunulata
Origin / Native : America, Mexico
Flowers :Red with yellow, small, showy, 5 petals, fragrant
Suitable for : Borders, garden beds
Height: 2.5 feet
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Thunbergia grandiflora
Common Name: White skyflower
Botanical name: Thunbergia grandiflora
Family : Acanthaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : India, Indochina, China, Nepal, Burma
Category : Evergreen climbing vine
Flowering Season : Summer, Spring, Fall
Flowers: White with yellow throat, large, trumpet-shaped, showy
Good for: Arches




Texas sage
Common Name: Texas sage
Botanical name: Leucophyllum frutescens
Family: Scrophulariaceae [Figwort family]
Flowers: Magenta Purple with red dotted pattern throat, bell-shaped, showy, colourful
Foliage : Grayish green, medium aqua marine, healthy
Height :Up to 8 feet tall
Suitable for : Hedges, fence
Light requirement : Sunny, open
Location : Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore, Karnatakaa, india




Tithonia diversifolia
Common Name: Nitobe chrysanthemum, Tree marigold
Botanical name: Tithonia diversifolia
Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Tithonia
Origin / Native : Mexico, Central America
Uses :Medicinal
Flowers : Yellow, showy, clustered, large, daisy like blooms
Life Cycle : Annual, perennial herb
Height : Up to 13 feet




Tabebuia aurea
Common Name: Caribbean Trumpet Tree
Botanical name: Tabebuia aurea
Family: Bignoniaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Brazil, South America
Height :Up to 26 feet tall
Category : Deciduous ornamental tree
Flowers : Yellow, trumpet-shaped, small, clustered, colourful
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Common Name: Tickseed, calliopsis
Botanical name: Coreopsis grandiflora
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : North America
Height :Up to 2 feet tall
Type/ Life Cycle: Perennial
Foliage: Deep green
Flowers: Yellow, medium, toothed wavy petals
Suitable for : Borders, pots, garden beds




Tabebuia rosea single
Common Name: Tabebuia rosea single
Spanish: Roble de Sabana
Family: Bignoniaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Tropical America
Type :Perennial
Uses : Medicinal
Foliage & height: Deep green & 35 feet
Flowers: Pink with white throat, trumpet-shaped, clustered, showy, colourful
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Trianthema triquetra
Common Name: Trianthema triquetra
Family : Portulacaceae
Order: Caryophyllales
Uses: Medicinal, ayurveda, sidda
Origin / Native: India, Sri Lanka
Type :Annual, perennial
Category : Herb
Stems : Prostrate, fleshy, diffuse
Leaves : Ovate, simple, fleshy




Torch tree
Common Name: Torch tree
Botanical name: Ixora pavetta
Family: Rubiaceae
Order: Gentianales
Origin / Native : South Asia
Life Cycle :Perennial
Category : Evergreen Tree, shrub
Flowers : White, clustered, showy, 4-petals
Foliage : Evergreen, glossy, 10-15 feet
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, india




Ten o'clock flower
Common Name: Ten o'clock flower
Suitable for: Hanging Baskets, Patios, Carpet garden, Easy to care
Type: Annual
Flowers: Magenta pink with white striped, small, velvety, resembling tiny rose, cup shaped, 6.5 cm, double & more petals
Growth Rate : Fast
Height :Up to 12 inches
Foliage : Evergreen, fleshy leaf & stems
Light requirement : Sunny, open




Tabebuia berteroi
Common Name: Pink trumpet flower
Botanical name: Tabebuia berteroi
Family : Bignoniaceae
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native : Tropical America
Flowers :Pink with fuchsia, funnel shaped, clustered, colourful, showy
Attracts : Bees, Hummingbirds, Butterflies
Height: 15 feet
Good for : Public parks, roadsides, avenues
Category : Evergreen ornamental tree




Tristellateia australasiae
Common Name: Shower of Gold Climber, Thryallis Vine
Botanical name: Tristellateia australasiae
Family: Malpighiaceae
Order: Malpighiales
Origin / Native : Tropical East Africa, Madagascar
Category :Climbing woody vine, Shrub
Type : Perennial
Best for: arches, archways, curves
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Tree marigold seeds
Common Name: Tree marigold seeds, Bolivian Sunflower
Seeds : Black, cone shaped, Directly sow in the ground / garden
Flowers: Large, Showy, Golden yellow petals, Sun flower like blossoms
Height: Up to 15 feet tall
Good For : Summer Garden, Borders, Butterfly garden
Category :Shrub, Tree
Light requirement & care: Sunny, open, average water




Common Name: Thickhead
Botanical name: Crassocephalum crepidioides
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : Africa, Madagascar
Height :Up to 5 feet tall
Type & Category : Annual succulent herb
Flowers: Orange, yellow, small, hairy
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Common Name: Thoothuvalai
English name: Solanum
Plant : Creeper, Thorny stems
Flowers: Purple, showy, clustered
Uses : Ayurvedsa, Medicinal, Traditional tamil cuisine
Habit:Herb, Shrub
Remedy For :Asthma, Cold, Cough
Foliage: deep green, glossy
Location : Kundadam, tamil nadu, india




Trianthema portulacastrum
Common Name:Horse Purslane, Giant pigweed
Botanical name: Trianthema portulacastrum
Family: Aizoaceae [ice plant family]
Order: Caryophyllales
Origin / Native : Annual
Type :Herbaceous perennial
Category : Prostrate herb
Flowers: Pink, tiny, borne on leaf stalks
Foliage: Deep green with purple edges
Location: Kundadam, Tirupur, TN, India




Trailing dissotis
Common Name: Trailing dissotis, Pink lady
Botanical name: Dissotis rotundifolia
Family: Melastomataceae
Flowers: Pink color, 4 petals, leaves are hairy
Origin / Native: India, Africa
Category :Wild herb
Synonym : Heterocentron elegans
Grows in : Fields, road sides
Location : Kundadam, Tirupur, india
Light requirement : Full sun




Tricolor antirrhinum majus
Common Name: Tricolor antirrhinum majus, Dog flower
Botanical name:Antirrhinum majus
Family: Plantaginaceae, Veronicaceae
Origin / Native & cultivated in : Spain, North Africa, Italy, the Mediterranean & India
Height : Dwarf to 3 feet
Type / Life cycle :Annual, Short lived perennial
Suitable for : Borders
Flowers : Pink, white & yellow, clustered




Turquoise crossandra
Common Name: Turquoise crossandra
Botanical name: Ecbolium viride
Family: Acanthaceae
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native: India, Africa, Malaysia
Height :12 inches to 3 feet tall
Type : Perennial
Synonym : Crossandra infundibuliformis, Ecbolium linneanum
Flowers: Pale turquoise, medium aqua marine, teal, cadet blue, clustered, showy




Tradescantia spathacea vittata
Common Name: Moses in the Cradle, Oyster Plant
Botanical name: Tradescantia spathacea vittata
Family: Commelinaceae
Order: Commelinales
Origin / Native : Mexico
Good for : Borders, garden beds
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India
Synonym : Rhoeo spathacea tricolor, Rhoeo discolor




Tecoma capensis
Common Name: Chrome yellow cape honeysuckle
Botanical name: Tecoma capensis
Family: Bignoniaceae
Attracts: Birds, Butterflies
Origin / Native : Madagascar, South Africa
Flowering Season :Year round
Category : Evergreen scrambling shrub, or climber
Suitable for: Hedges, fence
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Tall phlox
Common Name: Tall phlox, Phlox starfire
Botanical name: Phlox paniculata
Flowers : Magenta red, medium violet red, with white eyed, 5 petals, clustered
Good for: Summer garden, Borders, Bedding garden
Type : Perennial
Family :Polemoniaceae
Height : 3 feet
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, india




Thunbergia mysorensis
Common Name: Indian clock vine, Mysore trumpetvine
Botanical name: Thunbergia mysorensis
Family : Acanthaceae
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native : Tropical South India
Category :Evergreen climbing vine
Flowering Season : Spring to Fall
Location : Lalbagh botanical gardens, India
Suitable for : Arches, curves




Trichodesma indicum
Common Name: Trichodesma, Indian Borage
Botanical name: Trichodesma indicum
Family: Boraginaceae
Uses: Medicinal
Origin / Native : India, Tropical Africa, Asia
Category :Erect Herb
Height & Type: 2 feet, Annual
Foliage: Evergreen, narrow leaves, simple, hairyy, red stems
Flowers: White or lavender blush, velvety, small




Tomato flower
Common Name: Tomato flower
Botanical name: Solanum lycopersicum
Family :Solanaceae [nightshade family]
Order: Solanales
Origin / Native :Mexico, South America
Type : Annual, Perennial
Flowers : Yellow, small blooms with hairy green bracts, facing upside down
Height : 3 feet




Common Name: Tindora, baby watermelon
Cultivar name: Coccinia grandis
Family : Cucurbitaceae
Genus: Coccinia
Origin / Native : India, Philippines, China, Asia, Africa
Uses :Sidda, Ayurveda, Medicinal, Cuisine
Habit : Tropical climbing vine
Foliage: Evergreen,large, glossy
Flowers : White, small, smooth




tropaeolum majus orange
Common Name: Tropaeolum majus orange
Flowers: Small, Orange, 5 petals, circular leaves
Family : Tropaeolaceae
Synonym: Nasturtium indicum, Tropaeolum elatum
Uses : Ornamental, Medicinal
Habit :Climbing herb
Height : Up to 36 inches tall
Location: Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




tagetes erecta
Common Name: Mexican marigold
Botanical name : Tagetes erecta
Family : Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Central America
Height :Up to 48 inches
Flowers:Yellow, small, showy, single
Type: Annual
Suitable for: Mixed borders, pots




tagetes erecta orange
Common Name: Tagetes erecta orange
Botanical name: Tagetes erecta antigua orange
Family: Asteraceae
Flowers: Large, orange, fragrant, double blossom, Dark green leaves, bushy
Uses : Ornamental, Cut flower, Medicinal, Decorations, Ceremony
Light Requirement:Full Sun
Height : 1.5 feet tall
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Suitable for : Borders, garden beds




tagetes erecta white green mixed
Common Name: Tagetes erecta white green mixed
Family :Asteraceae
Flowers: Large, Creamy white, Ball size blooms, Showy, Fragrant including leaf
Good For: Summer garden, Borders, patios
Height : Dwarf to 12 inches
Light Requirement & Care : Well drained soil, Sunny, Average Water
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




tabernaemontana coronaria
Common Name: Pinwheel flower
Botanical name: Tabernaemontana coronaria
Order : Gentianales
Flowers : White with yellow throat, 5 petals, clustered, showy
Height :Up to 10 feet tall
Category : Evergreen plant, Small tree
Foliage : Deep green, glossy
Location : Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, South India




tagetes erecta white
Common Name: Tagetes erecta white
Cultivar name: Tagetes erecta Sweet Cream
Life Cycle : Annual
Flowering Season : Summer to Winter
Fragrant : Leaf, Flowers
Height : Dwarf
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Suitable for : Borders




thespesia populnea
Common Name: Portia Tree, Indian tulip tree
Botanical name: Thespesia populnea
Family:Malvaceae [Mallow family]
Order : Malvales
Origin / Native : India
Category :Shrub, small tree
Tamil : Poovarasu
Flowers : Beige, lemon chiffon, moccasin, cup shaped, showy
Foliage : Deep green




tribulus terrestris
Common Name: Bindii, Tackweed
Botanical name: Tribulus terrestris
Order : Zygophyllales
Origin / Native : Africa, Southern Europe & Asia
Habit :Herb
Uses : Ayurveda, Medicinal
Foliage : Evergreen, hairy
Flowers : Yellow, small, 5 petals, showy




turnera subulata
Common Name: Dark eyed turnera, Sulphur alder, White buttercup
Botanical name: Turnera subulata
Family:Passifloraceae[Passion flower family]
Order : Malpighiales
Origin / Native : Brazil, Florida, South & Central America, West Indies
Height :Up to 20 inches tall
Flowers :White, yellow, black tricolour, small, showy, evergreen foliage, found in hills, mountains




tridax procumbens
Common Name: Coat buttons, Tridax daisy
Botanical name: Tridax procumbens
Family:Asteraceae [daisy family]
Order : Asterales
Origin / Native : India, Tropical America
Hindi :Ghamra plant
Type & Lifecycle : Unerect perennial herb
Flowers : White, light yellow, corn silk, beige, 6 toothed petals, small blooms connected with long hairy stem




tropaeolum majus
Common Name: Indian cress, Garden nasturtium
Botanical name: Tropaeolum majus
Order : Tropaeolaceae
Origin / Native : South & Central America
Type & Category :Annual herb, Climber
Uses : Companion plant
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, India
Flowers : Yellow with red, bicolour, 5 petals, showy, good for borders




tabernaemontana divaricata
Common Name: Milky flower
Botanical name: Tabernaemontana divaricata
Found In:Thailand
Flowers : Creamy waxy white, double blooms, fragrant, clustered, showy
Height : 12 feet
Category :Multi branched evergreen shrub
Uses : Religious ceremony, Ayurveda, Traditional medicine
Foliage : Deep green, glossy, healthy,strong




tabebuia rosea
Common Name: Rosy Trumpet Tree, Pink trumpet tree, Pink tecoma
Botanical name: Tabebuia rosea
Family:Bignoniaceae [jacaranda family]
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native : Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, America
Height :Up to 99 feet tall
Uses : Medicinal
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




thunbergia erecta
Common Name: Bush clockvine violet
Botanical name: Thunbergia erecta
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native : Western Africa
Habit :Woody shrub, Herb, Climber
Life Cycle : Perennial
Best for : Hedges, fence
Light requirement : Full sun
Flowers : Blue, purple, indigo, blue violet with yellow throat, showy, funnel-shaped




Red salvia display-Ooty flower show 2014
Common Name: Torenia varieties
First Prize:HAL - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Order : Lamiales
Genus: Torenia
Common Name :Bluewings, Wishbone flower
Height :15 inches
Flowers :Blue, lavender, small, clustered
Camera :Nikon D40x
Type: Annual plant




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