Gazania rigens gazoo

Common Name : Treasure Flower, Gazania rigens gazoo, Gazania rigens gazoo red with ring, coastal gazania Family : Asteraceae[daisy family] Botanical name : Gazania rigens

Gazania rigens gazoo

Kingdom - Plantae

Order - Asterales

Genus - Gazania

Species - rigens

Synonym - Gazania splendens

Found In - Coastal desert, road sides

Origin / Native - South Africa

Category - Herb

Growth rate - Low

White variety - Gazania rigens 'Gazoo Clear Vanilla'

Height - 15 cm to 1 feet 7 inches tall

Spread - 1.5 feet wide

Type/Life Cycle - Annual, Perennial

Flowering season - All summer, spring to winter [July to september]

Good For - Pots, patios, borders, ground cover, garden beds

Flowers - Large, showy, composite, red with brownish orange with black ring mixed, 15 petals, 3.54 to 5 inches inches wide daisy like blooms close at night

Foliage&Plant - Grayish green, oval-shaped, long and narrow

Attracts - Bees, butterflies

Light Requirement & Care - Full sun, well drained soils, average water, low maintenance

Uses - Ornamental plant

Propagation - From seeds

Pests & Diseases - Grey mould occur in wet weather

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Ooty Botanical Garden, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, South India, India

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