Glossary P-Panicle

PLAMATE: in the shape of a hand.
PANICLE : when the pedicels are branched , supporting two or more flowers in a loose cluster.
PAPPUS : the calyx of compsite flowers; usually a whorl of bristles of silky hairs..
PEDICEL : a flower-stalk supporting several flowers with out footstalks.
PEDUNCLE : the stalk f a flower or a cluster of flowers.
PENDULOUS : hanging so as to swing.
PERENNIAL : rootstocks that increase and expand yearly.
PERFOLIATE LEAF : when the stem passes through the base of a stalk-leasss leaf.
PERIANTH : flowers showing no distinction from calyx and corolla ; the floral envelope or outer part of a flower.
PETALS : flower –leaves forming part of a corolla.
PETIOLE : leaf-stalk.
PINNATE : leaflets of elongate shape, forming pairs on opposite sides.
PISTIL : the seed-bearing part of a flower comprising the ovary , stigma and style.
PLACENTA : the part of the ovary to which the ovules are attached.
POLLEN : the fertilizing powder or male elements held by the anthers by contact of which the ovules are fertilized.
POLLINUUM : containing pollen.
PUBESCENT : hairy ; downy

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