Hibiscus brackenridgei

Common Name : Hibiscus brackenridgei, Hibiscus rosa sinensis cherie, Cherie Hibiscus, Hawaii state flower, Pua Aloalo, Apricot yellow with red hibiscus, yellow hibiscus Botanical name : Hibiscus rosa sinensis Family : Malvaceae

Hibiscus brackenridgei

Kingdom - Plantae

Class - Magnoliopsida

Order - Malvales

Subfamily - Malvoideae

Genus - Hibiscus

Origin / Native - Hawaii

Uses - Ornamental plants

Type - Perennial, Annual

Category - Small tree, shrub, herbaceous plant

Height - Up to 10 feet tall

Spread - Up to 4 feet wide

Flowers - Large, showy, classic, trumpet shaped, apricot yellow with red throat petals, red stigma, yellow stamens, 5 petals, 6 to 7 inches wide blooms

Foliage - Deep green, glossy, healthy, deciduous, toothed margin, ovate, alternatively arranged leaves

Blooming - Repeatedly, flowering continuously

Flowering Season - Summer

Propagation - Stem Cutting

Growth rate - Medium

Light Requirement & Care - Full sun, part shade, well drained soil, water regularly, average maintenance

Grows in - Low shrublands, Dry forests

Good for - Containers, borders, specimen, hedge, yards

Official state flower of - Hawaii

Tamil - Manjal semparuthi

Hindi - Gurhal flower

Sanskrit - Japa pushpa

Hibiscus rosa sinensis cherie-Flower hill
Hibiscus rosa sinensis cherie

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Lalbagh flower show 2014, Bangalore[Bengaluru], Karnataka, India

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