Impatiens Walleriana Dark Magenta

Common Name : Impatiens Walleriana Dark Magenta Family : Balsaminaceae Order : Ericales Category : Annuals, perennials shrubs Botanical name :Impatiens walleriana Origin / Native : Warmer regions of Asia, Africa, Europe Suitable for : Summer bedding garden, hanging baskets Flowers : Red white bicolour, small, 4 to 5 petals, showy, 2 inches borad blooms Foliage : Bright green leaves, fleshy stems Height :2 feet tall Spread : 1 feet wide Light requirement & care : Sunny or part shade, well drained soils Propagation : From seeds, sow seeds in gentle heat Pests & diseases : Aphids & slugs attack plants

Impatiens Walleriana Pink

Photographs: Sridher Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Bryant Park, Lower Shola Rd, Kodaikanal,Tamil Nadu, India

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