Mango | Mangifera indica

Common Name : Mango Scientific Name : Mangifera indica Family : Anacardiaceae

Mangifera indica

Kingdom - Plantae

Species - indica

Order - Sapindales

Genus - Mangifera

Found In - India

Height - 20 to 110 feet tall

Type / Life cycle - Perennial

Category - Evergreen, erect, large fruit tree

Origin / Native - Tropical Asia

Flowers - Tiny, light greenish yellow with brown color, clustered, 12 to 15 flower stalks connected with one long pinkish yellow heavy stalk, alternately arranged flower stalks, one flower stalk contains 100's of tiny flowers

Flowering season - Frost, Spring, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April

Foliage&Plant - Deep green-matured leaves, yellow & pinkish brown or pinkish red when young, simple, lanceolate shaped, wavy,veined, alternately arranged

Fruits -Edible, Multi colored varieties, many shapes, green, yellow, purplish orange, purplish green, matured/riped fruits are delicious, used for making jams,juices, young/raw fruits used for salads, pickles

Bark - Brown

Attracts - Birds, bees, butterflies

Maintenance - Full sun, part shade,medium care, easy to grow, average water

Propagation - Seeds

Uses - Commercial, Cuisine, Medicinal, Ayurveda

Growth Rate - Fast

Tamil - Mambazham

Hindi - Amchur

Mangifera indica-foliage & blooms
Mangifera indica-foliage & blooms

Mango tree leaves with veins
Mango tree leaves with veins

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Thillai Nagar, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India

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