Mountain knotgrass | Aerva lanata

Common Name : Mountain knotgrass Botanical Name : Aerva lanata Family : Amaranthaceae Order : Caryophyllales Genus : Aerva Sanskrit : Astmabayda Malayalam :Cherula Hindi : Gorakhbuti Bengali : Chaya Height : Up to 72 inches[182.88cm] tall Used In : Traditional tamil pongal festival garland making Synonym : Achyranthes lanata Category : Woody prostrate herb Type : Annual/ Perennial Origin / Native : Asia, Australia, Africa Roots : Aromatic, woody Tamil : Ciru-pulai, ulinai Flowering season : May-October Found In : Waste lands, open forests Foliage : Evergreen, oval, stalkless, alternatively arranged leaves, branched, sprawling Flowers : White, small, showy blooms, grows in the leaf axils

Mountain knotgrass

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Kundadam, Dharapuram, Erode, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India

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