Nerium Oleander

Common Name : Oleander, Arali Scientific Name : Nerium Oleander Family : Oleander Order : Gentianales

Nerium Oleander

Kingdom - Plantae

Genus - Nerium

Species - oleander

Uses - Medicinal, ornamental, pooja

Origin/Native - Mediterranean, India, China, Asia

Synonym - Oleander indica, Nerium grandiflorum

Foliage - Dark green, showy, narrow, glossy, simple, thick, lance-shaped, leathery, 7.8 inches long, sharp edges, leaves arrannged in whorls

Flowers - Showy, medium, pink, clustered, double-resembles miniature rose, single bloom-funnel shaped, sweet fragrance

Plant - Evergreen, erect, healthy, upright

Category - Large shrub, small tree, dwarf

Height - Up to 12 feet tall

Spread - Up to 6 feet wide

Hazards - All parts are poisonous

Blooming - Seasonal

Grows in - Tropical & subtropical areas

Flowering Season - Summer to Fall

Light Requirement&Care - Full Sun, part shade, average water, drought tolerant, normal, well drained soils, low maintenance

Seeds - Narrow seed pods, brown hairy seeds

Good For - Road sides, avenues, parks, houseplant, butterfly garden, borders, containers, temples, edges

Attracts - Butterflies, bees

Hindi - Kaner flower, ghanera

Tamil - Sevvarali

Flowering Colors - Pink, rose, red, white, peach, baby pink, yellow, apricot

Nerium oleander foliage
Nerium oleander foliage

Nerium oleander flower buds[Double bloom]
Nerium oleander flower buds

Arali mottu[double bloom]
Arali mottu

Nerium oleander-Kaner-Single bloom[5 petals, baby pink, hairy centric]
Nerium oleander-Kaner-Single bloom

Nerium plant foliage[single bloom, buds]
Nerium plant foliage[single bloom]

Nerium oleander matured plant
Nerium oleander matured plant

Nerium oleander butterfly garden
Nerium oleander butterfly garden

Nerium oleander white variety
Nerium oleander white variety

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Srirangam, Melur, Trichy, Kundadam, Dharapuram, Erode, Tamilnadu, South India

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