Oncoba spinosa

Common Name : Fried egg tree, Snuff-box tree Botanical Name : Oncoba spinosa Family : Salicaceae

Oncoba spinosa

Order - Malpighiales

Genus - Oncoba

Species - spinosa

Origin / Native - South Africa, Arabia

Category - Small deciduous tree, Spiny shrub

Height- 16 feet to 25 feet tall

Growth Rate- Initially Slow

Leaves - Simple, Dark green, Ovate-elliptic, Glossy, Leathery, Coarsely toothed margins

Flowers - Large, showy, honey, sweet fragrant, white with yellow stamens centric, 7.6 cm wide, 10-15 petals, resembles a fried egg

Flowering Month - Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Mar, April, May

Flowering Season - Late Spring to Summer

Fruits - Edible, Sour, Round shaped, 6 cm, yellow pulp

Seeds - Glossy brown

Bark - Spotted / mottled grey, Smooth, Wood is light brown color

Uses - Roots used in African medicine, Hard shelled fruits-snuff boxes, Dry fruits-Rattles, Baby's toy, & also used as anklets and armlets for dancers

Attracts - Bees, Butterflies

Found In - Savannas, Dry woodland, River side

Snuff box tree flower
Snuff box tree flower

Fried egg flower with bees, bark, leaves
Fried egg flower with bees, bark, leaves

Oncoba spinosa tree
Oncoba spinosa tree

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore[Bengaluru],Karnataka, India

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