Pansy Purple Cultivar

Common Name :Pansy Purple Cultivar, Viola lutea Botanical Name : Viola tricolor subsp. hortensis Family : Violaceae Genus : Viola Order :Malpighiales

Pansy Purple Cultivar

A race of dainty perennials that inhabit the temperate regions of the Old and new worlds. V. cornuta , or the Horned Violet, has rounded foliage, toothed and of tufted habit; the flowers, two inches or less at the widest part, are violet. Its forms show a great variation in color from white to yellow and purple, and it is believed that this species was used extensively by raisers when evolving the brilliantly coloured bedding Tufted Pansies or Violas.

V. gracilis , reaches about 9 inches with violet flowers.

V. pedata , the Bird’s Foot Violet has flowers with two upper petals of deep violet and 3 lower ones of lilac; there is a white form.

V. odorata , is the favourite sweet-scented Violet with its many shades of color and with double and single flowers.

A position in partial shade is preferable and in soil that has been enriched with a liberal quantity of leaf-mould or old manure, moisture with good drainage being essential to their well-being.

Propagate by means of cuttings or from seed.

The flowering season is in spring and summer.

Photographs: Sridher Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Chennai Flowershow, Tamilnadu, South India

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