Peruvian lily

Scientific Name : Alstroemeria aurea Common Name : Peruvian lily, Parrot Lily, lily of the Incas Family : Alstroemeriaceae

Peruvian lily

A race of colorful lily-like perennials, natives of tropical and subtropical South America of which a number of species are hardy in Britain. Although sun lovers, the more robust species grow well under semi-shaded conditions.
A. aurantiaca has given rise to a number of improved garden forms all producing bright orange flowers borne on two to three feet stems.
A. lutea is a robust species with yellow flowers, and A.chilensis varies from pale pink to bright red.
A. puctulla [syn.psittacina] has tubular flowers of red margined green.
A. ligtu var. angustifolia and its hybrids produce large heads of flowers from cream to rich peach, apricot, salmon and rose.
A. haemantha has smaller flowers of deep red.
Alstromerias are easily grown in a deep sandy soil and the roots should be planted six to nine inches below the surface. They require three years in which to become established. Plant in October or early spring.
Propagation is by root division in the case of the aurantiaca group, and by seed with the reminder.
The flowering season is in July.
Kingdom - Plantae

Division - Magnoliophyta

Class - Liliopsida

Order - Liliales

Genus - Alstroemeria

Type/Life Cycle - Herbaceous perennial

Height - Up to 3 feet [36 inches] tall

Spread - Up to 2 feet [24 inches] wide

Flowering Season - Late spring to early summer

Flowering colors - Yellow, red, purple, orange, pink, white, apricot, beige, lavender, bicolors

Flowers - Large, showy, yellow, clustered, no fragrance, patterned, 2 inches, 6 petals, fleshy red stems, long lasting in vase[1 or 2 weeks]

Foliage & Plant - Green, alternately arranged, lance shaped, grass like, twisted base, sharp edged leaves, tuberous rooted

Light Requirement & Care - Full Sun, part shade, moist, rich, well drained soil, water daily, low maintenance

Good For - Greenhouse, Large bouquets, cut flowers, pots, borders, house plants, flower arrangement, shows, home garden

Species of Alstroemeria - 50

Attracts - Bees, butterflies, birds

Special Feature - Frost tolerance

Peruvian lily-Bulbs & Flowers
Peruvian lily-Bulbs & Flowers

Peruvian lily plant& foliage
Peruvian lily plant& foliage

Yellow peruvian lily-Close up view, Blooms, bulbs, clusters
Yellow peruvian lily-Close up view

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Children's Park, Ooty Lake, Boat house, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India

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