Petunia grandiflora

Common Name :Petunia celebrity strawberry ice, Celebrity Strawberry Ice Petunia Botanical Name : Petunia grandiflora Family : Solanaceae

Petunia grandiflora

Order – Solanales

Genus - Petunia

Synonym - Petunia Hybrida

Origin / Native - South America

Life Cycle - Annual or Tender perennial

Height - 27.940cm

Spread - 45.720cm

Care - Full Sun, Moist, well drained soil, Average water

Flowers - Medium to Large, Pink with red veins, Funnel-shaped, Showy, 8 cm blooms, Free flowering

Leaves - Green, Ovate leaf, Hairy stems, Fragrant

Habit - Spreading, mounding

Growth Rate - Rapid

Flowering Season - All Season

Good For - Pots, Borders, Edges, Bedding Plant, Hanging baskets, Windowboxes, Patios

Attracts - Butterflies

Uses - Ornamental

Special Character - Heat & Salt tolerant

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : LalBagh Botanical Gardens, Southern Bangalore [Bengaluru], Karnataka, India

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