Portulaca grandiflora white

Common Name : Moss rose, moss rose white Botanical Name : Portulaca grandiflora white Family : Portulacaceae

Portulaca grandiflora white

Kingdom - Plantae

Order - Caryophyllales

Genus - Portulaca

Species - grandiflora

Synonym - portulaca grandiflora alba, sundial white portulaca, Happy hour coconut portulaca

Origin - Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, South America

Height - 7 inches tall

Spread - 12 inches wide

Type - Annual

Grows in - Road sides

Growth Rate- Fast

Flowering Season- Summer to fall

Flowering Time- 9 am to 10 am

Special feature- Drought, heat tolerance

Light requirement & Care- Full Sun, well drained soil, average water, easy to care, low maintenance

Flowers- Small, showy, single, semi-double, pure white with pink pattern, 10 to 12 petals, 1.2 inches wide blooms, appears at end of the stem

Plant&Foliage- Green, glossy, fleshy, cylindrical, alternately arranged leaves, multi-branched, red stems

Good For- Pots, containers, ground cover, hanging baskets, garden beds

Propagation- Seeds, cuttings

Attracts- Butterflies, bees, birds

Uses- Ornamental plant

Portulaca grandiflora white-Plant, foliage, flowers buds, stems
Portulaca grandiflora white-Plant, foliage, flowers buds, stems

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Lalbagh botanical garden, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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