Purple crossandra

Common Name : Purple crossandra Scientific Name : Ecbolium ligustrinum Family : Acanthaceae Genus : Crossandra

Purple crossandra

Order - Lamiales

Life Cycle - Perennial

Leaves - Light green or gray, oval-shaped, 5 cm long

Flowers - Small, Showy, Light purple/lilac color with deep purple centric, unusually shaped, 3 petals, clustered, prominent bracts, tube-like stalk

Fruits - Green, Black, brown color

Category - Semi woody shrub

Synonym - Ecbolium linneanum, Justicia ligustrina, Justicia ecbolium

Growth Rate - Low

Height -1 to 3 feet tall

Spread - Up to 4 feet wide

Flowering Season - All year round

Found In - Tropical areas of tamil nadu

Light Requirement & Care - Full sun, partial shade, Average water

Good For - Specimen plant, tropical garden, pots, houseplant, cottage garden, containers, wild garden

Type - Small evergreen subshrub

Tamil - Neela Kanakambaram

Hindi - Purple Aboli, priyadarsha

Special Feature - Heat tolerance

Attracts - Butterflies , Dragonflies, Insect pollinators

Purple crossandra flower buds
Purple crossandra flower buds

Gray color crossandra flower
Gray color crossandra flower

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Kundadam, Erode, Tirupur, Tamilnadu, South India, India

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