Pussta rose

Common Name : Pussta rose Botanical Name : Rosa 'Pussta' Family : Rosaceae

Pussta rose

Order - Rosales

Subfamily - Rosoideae

Genus - Rosa

Origin / Native - Asia, Europe, America, Africa

Habit / Category - Floribunda roses, Bushy, upright

Life Cycle - Perennial

Height - Up to 39 inches tall

Flowering Season - Summer, Spring to frost

Flowers - Large, double, classic, mild fragrance, pinkish orange, red, 30 to 40 petals, 10 cm blooms

Foliage - Deep green, deciduous, medium, glossy, healthy, alternatively arranged leaves, upright plant with mild thorny

Blooming - Repeatedly, flowering continuously

Flowering Season - All year round

Light Requirement & Care - Full sun, part shade, moist, loam, well drained soil, water regularly, mild temperature, average maintenance

Uses - Cut flowers, perfumes, commercial, art

Good for - Landscape design, greenhouse, glasshouses, garden roses, borders, beds, large pots, containers

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Rose Garden, Ooty, Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India

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