Rhododendron arboreum

Scientific Name : Rhododendron arboreum Common name : Burans, Tree Rhododendron Family : Ericaceae

Rhododendron arboreum

Kingdom - Plantae

Class - Angiospermae

Order - Ericales

Genus - Rhododendron

Category - Evergreen shrub, Small, large tree

Origin/Native - Himalayas, India, China, Nepal

Height - Trees can grow up to 18m tall, shrub-8 feet tall

Spread - Shrub-up to 6 feet wide

Flowers - Large, showy, white,, 2 inches wide, bell-shaped, clustered, 5 petals, 7 stamens, 1 stigma

Foliage&Plant - Dark green, lanceolate, mild hairy

Flowering colors - Red, apricot, pink, crimson, white, cream, peach

Flowering Season - March to September

National flower of - Nepal

Nepal - laligurans

Tamil - Billi

Malayalam - Kattupoo varasu

Uses - Medicinal, Ayurveda, Cuisines

Best For - Borders, hedges, specimen, road sides, park, public garden

Light Requirement&Care - Well drained, moist soil, Full sun, semi shade

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Ooty botanical garden, Nilgiris, Bangalore, Karnataka, South India

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