Senna occidentalis | Coffee Senna

Common Name : Coffee Senna,Negro coffee, Coffeeweed,wild senna Scientific Name : Senna occidentalis Family : Fabaceae

Senna occidentalis

Kingdom – Plantae

Species - occidentalis

Order - Fabales

Genus - Senna

Synonym - Cassia occidentalis

Height - 3 to 5 feet tall

Type / Life cycle - Annual, Perennial

Category - Shrub

Flowers - Small, deep yellow, pea-shaped blooms,5 petals, appears in leaf axils, green sepals, 6 stamens

Flowering season - Summer, Spring

Foliage&Plant - Deep green compound leaves, oval shaped green with maroon edges& sharp tip, maroon stems, low branched

Fruits&Pods - Greenish brown pods & brown seeds, bitter in taste

Attracts - Birds, bees, butterflies

Origin / Native - Egypt, Africa, America,Arabia

Maintenance- Full sun, part shade,medium care, easy to grow, average water, water daily

Propagation- Seeds

Uses - Ayurveda medicinal

Hazards - Plant is poisonous

Growth Rate - Fast

Tamil - Nattam takarai, Ponnavirai, Peravirai

Sanskrit - Kasamarda

Cassia occidentalis flowers stems
Cassia occidentalis flowers stems

Senna occidentalis foliage
Senna occidentalis foliage

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Cubbon Park, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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