Verbena red velvet

Common Name : Verbena red velvet Scientific Name : Verbena hybrida Family : Verbenaceae

Verbena red velvet

Kingdom – Plantae

Order - Lamiales

Genus - Verbena

Type/Life cycle - Annual or tender perennial

Category - Herb

Height - Up to 1 feet

Flowers - Small, red with white in color, 5 toothed petals with green hairy bracts

Flowering - Repeatedly

Flowering season - Fall, spring, summer

Attracts - Bees, birds, butterflies

Cultivar - Red Velvet

Good for - Landscape design, borders, containers, baskets, pots

Light requirement & care- Full sun, average water, low maintenance

Special Feature- Heat & Drought tolerance

Verbena red velvet-Closeup view
Verbena red velvet-Closeup view

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Govt. Botanical Garden, Ooty flower show, The Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, South India, India

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