White Coral Vine | Antigonon leptopus 'Alba'

Common Name : White Coral Vine, Honolulu creeper, Bee bush, Mexican Creeper, Chain of love Scientific name : Antigonon leptopus 'Alba' Family : Polygonaceae

Antigonon leptopus 'Alba'

Kingdom – Plantae

Species - leptopus

Order - Caryophyllales

Genus - Antigonon

Synonym - Antigonon cordatum, Corculum leptopus

Height - 25 to 35 feet

Type / Life cycle - Perennial

Category - Climbing vine

Origin / Native - Mexico

Flowers - Small, velvety white,clustered, 5 petals

Flowering season -Early summer, Spring to Fall

Foliage&Plant - Large, deep green, heart shaped,12cm long &wide

Attracts - Birds, bees, butterflies

Maintenance- Full sun, part shade,medium care, easy to grow, average water

Propagation- Seeds

Uses - Borders, edges, hedges

Growth Rate - Fast

Tamil - Kodi rose

Antigonon leptopus 'Alba'-Borders, Flowers, Foliage
Antigonon leptopus 'Alba'-Borders

White coral vine flower
White coral vine flower

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Bannerghatta national park, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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