Adenium Obesum

Botanical name :Adenium obesum Family : Apocynaceae [dogbane family] Local Name : Desert Rose, Sabi star, impala lily

Adenium obesum

Description - A spreading succulent bush 2m in height with thick fleshy twisted base and short branches, deciduous obovate, fleshy leaves glossy dark green with pink midrib, 8cm long when young sometimes with minute hairs, numerous showy 5cm flowers with spreading petals in wide range of colors ranging from carmine, rose, white, pink etc are found.

This plant is ideal for rockeries as it can withstand dry drought conditions. It is most suited for light soils. It cannot tolerate water logging. It flowers profusely in the summer months. Hot climate is most suited for it cultivation and it can planted in sunny areas. Seeds are produced from September to May. Seeds have a very low shelf life and have to be planted immediately. I This plant responds well to training as a bonsai plant. In such cases some pruning and wiring maybe necessary. Over watering leads to total leaf fall and rotting. Responds well to organic liquid manuring at monthly intervals.

Propagation: Seeds and grafts, stem cuttings

Kingdom - Plantae

Order - Gentianales

Genus - Adenium

Species - obesum

Synonym - Nerium obesum Forssk

Origin / Native - Sahara, Africa, Arabia, Sudan

Category - Evergreen succulent shrub

Type - Perennial

Height - 2 to 7 feet tall

Foliage&Plant - Evergreen, glossy, spirally arranged leaves with gray stems

Flowers - Large, showy, tubular-shaped, red, pink, white blend with white throat, 5 petals, single or clustered blooms

Flowering Month - Feb to Nov

Flowering Season - Late frost or early spring

Flowering Colors - Pink, magenta, red, maroon, cream, white, bicolor, purple, plum, yellow, black shade

Light Requirement&Care - Full sun, part shade, well drained soil, average water

Good For - Pots, containers, borders, butterfly garden, bonsai

Growth rate - Low

Attracts - Bees, butterflies

Hazards - Plant is poisonous

White crab spider on adenium obesum flower
White crab spider on adenium obesum flower

Adenium obesum plant[Flower buds, Leaves, Stems]
Adenium obesum plant

Adenium obesum foliage
Adenium obesum foliage

Adenium obesum flower
Adenium obesum flower

Photographs: Guna Selvi Description: Bindu Mohan Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Butterfly park trichy, Srirangam, Melur, India

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