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Star cluster flower varieties

Fuschia pentas lanceolata
Common Name: Fuchsia pentas lanceolata, Egyptian Star Cluster, Star Flower
Botanical name: Pentas lanceolata
Family: Rubiaceae
Order: Gentianales
Origin / Native : Tropical E.Africa, South Arabia, Yemen
Height :Up to 1.2192 meters
Type : Perennial herb
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India
Flowers :Fuchsia pink, small, clustered




Lavender egyptian star cluster
Common Name: Lavender egyptian star cluster
Botanical name: Pentas lanceolata
Family: Rubiaceae [madder family]
Type: Evergreen perennial shrub
Origin / Native : Africa
Light Requirement :Full Sun
Flowering Season : All Year
Flowers: Lavender, plum, medium purple, clustered
Best for: Butterfly garden, pots, containers




Common Name: Pentas, Egyptian star flower
Botanical name: Pentas lanceolata
Family: Rubiaceae
Order: Gentianales
Origin / Native : Yemen, Africa
Type : Herbaceous perennial
Attracts: Butterflies, hummingbirds
Best for: Pots, Containers, borders, garden beds
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




Star cluster flower-Srirangam butterfly park
Name: Star cluster flower
Type/Life cycle: Herbaceous perennial, Annual
Family : Rubiaceae
Order : Gentianales
Genus: Pentas
Origin/Native: Africa
Best For : Summer, Butterfly Garden, Seasonal
Flowers : Lavender purple, small, large clustered, showy
Location : Butterfly Park, Srirangam, trichy




Pentas lanceolata white
Common Name: Pentas lanceolata white
Botanical name: Pentas lanceolata
Flowering Season:Summer, Spring, Autumn
Origin / Native : Africa
Water & Light : Full Sun, Average Water
Type :Annual, Tropical perennial
Flowers : White, showy, small, clustered
Height : 3 feet tall
Camera : Nikon D40X
Good for : Butterfly garden, borders




Pentas lanceolata flower buds-Trichy butterfly park
Name: Pentas lanceolata flower buds
Location: Melur, Srirangam, Trichy
Flower Buds: Clustered, lavender purple color, mild hairy, surrounded with green bracts
Family: Rubiaceae
Order: Gentianales
Best For: Butterfly garde, borders, pots
Foliage:Evergreen, simple, 3 feet tall
Flowers: Lavender purple, mild hairy, clustered
Light requirement: Sunny, open, easy to care




Pentas white
Common Name: Pentas white
Botanical name: Pentas angustifolia
Family:Rubiaceae [madder Family]
Good for : Summer Garden
Origin / Native : Africa
Flowers :Small, tubular, Star Shaped, Clustered
Height : Up to 3 feet tall
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Camera : Nikon D40X




Purple pentas
Common Name: Purple pentas
Botanical name: Pentas carnea
Family:Rubiaceae [madder family]
Growth Rate : Fast
Origin / Native : Yemen, Africa
Good For :Borders, Summer butterfly garden
Type : Annual
Flowers : Purple, slate blue, clustered
Location : Lalbagh botanical gardens, bangalore, karnatka, india




Pentas carnea varieties
Common Name: Pentas carnea varieties
First Prize: HAL - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited ‎
Family : Rubiaceae
Order: Gentianales
Type : Perennial herb
Foliage :Ever green
Flowers : Red, medium violet red, dark magenta or purple, small, clustered
Suitable for: Borders, pots
Height : 24 inches




pentas lanceolata
Common Name:Pink egyptian Starcluster
Botanical name: Pentas lanceolata
Origin / Native : Africa
Attracts : Butterflies
Type :Evergreen perennial shrub
Flowers : Pink, hot pink, showy, clustered
Best for : Contianers, borders, garden beds
Location : Chennai Flowershow, Tamilnadu, South India




Pentas Lanceolata Pink
Common Name: Pentas Lanceolata Pink
Botanical name: Pentas graffiti
Tolerance & Flowers : Heat & Small, pink with red throat, Star Shaped, clustered
Origin / Native : Mexico
Type :Tender Perennial, Annual
Category : Subshrub
Flowers : Pink with red, clustered, showy
Best for : Borders, garden beds, butterfly garden




Egyptian star cluster-Srirangam butterfly park
Common Name: Egyptian star cluster
Binomial name: Pentas lanceolata
Origin / Native: Africa, Yemen
Family: Rubiaceae
Order : Gentianales
Good For : Summer garden, butterfly garden, borders
Flowers : Magenta pink, small, clustered, colourful
Camera : Nikon D40X
Category : Evergreen Shrub




Red pentas
Common Name: Red pentas
Botanical name:Pentas lanceolata
Family: Rubiaceae
Good For : Summer Garden
Flowering Season : Spring, Summer
Type / Life cycle :Annual
Flowers : Red, colourful, clustered
Attracts : Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Location : Bangalore, Karnataka, South India




Star cluster
Common Name: Star cluster
Botanical name: Pentas lanceolata
Order : Gentianales
Origin / Native : Africa
Best For :Home & Summer garden, Ground Cover
Category & Type : Annual, Woody perennial subshrub
Flowers : Red, clustered, 5 petals, showy
Good for : Borders




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