Allamanda violacea

Common Name : Purple Allamanda Scientific Name : Allamanda violacea Family : Apocynaceae Order : Gentianales Origin : Brazil Flowers : Funnel shaped, 7.6200 cm wide, Reddish purple or reddish violet color, rambling stems, simple dark green leaves Category : Evergreen climbing vine, shrub Height : Up to 365.76 cm, 144 inches Type : Perennial

Abelmoschus caillei

Flowering Season - Summer, Autumn, Year round

Light requirement for growth - Full sun, moist, well drained soils

Uses - Ornamental plant

Growth Rate - Medium to fast

Good For - Ground cover, hanging basket, home gardens

Genus - Allamanda

Description - Allamanda violacea is a large flowered evergreen hybrid variety. Leaves are deep green, simple, glossy, velvety, showy, aromatic, pointed edges. flower buds are large & glossy

Special characteristic - Poisonous

Attracts - Bees, Butterflies

Benefits - Medicinal, puja

Propagation - Cuttings, seeds

Allamanda blanchetii
allamanda blanchetii

Cherry allamanda
cherry allamanda

Allamanda brazilian red wine
Allamanda brazilian red wine

Allamanda violacea cherry jubilee
Allamanda violacea cherry jubilee

Closeup view
Closeup view

Red allamanda
Red allamanda

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Govt. Botanical Garden, Ooty flower show, Tamil Nadu, India

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