Crinum amabile

Common Name : Purple Spider Lily, Pink crinum lily, Pink Giant Spider Lily Botanical Name : Crinum amabile Family : Amaryllidaceae

Crinum amabile

Order - Asparagales

Genus - Crinum

Subfamily - Amaryllidoideae

Origin / Native - South Africa, Tropical regions of Asia

Synonym - Crinum augustum

Life Cycle & Type- Herbaceous perennial bulb

Growth Rate- Medium

Height- 3 to 6 feet tall

Spread - Up to 5 feet wide

Flowers - Large, showy, Fragrant, Pink with red blossom, Clustered, 6 petals

Flowering Season - All Summer, Spring, Autumn

Leaves - Simple, Large, Linear, Leathery, Green, Rosette or spirally leaf arrangement, Glossy[mild], 91.440cm long

Good For - Containers, Patios, Lawn, Edges, Poolside, Ground cover, Borders

Light Reauirement & Care - Full Sun, Part shade, well drained soil, Average water

Crinum asiaticum purple
Crinum asiaticum purple

Crinum amabile-Giant spider lily plant, Foliage
Crinum amabile-Giant spider lily plant

Crinum amabile flower bulbs
Crinum amabile flower bulbs

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Lalbagh Botanical garden, Bangalore [Bengaluru], Karnataka, South India, India

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