Common Name :Dahlia Botanical name : Dahlia pinnata Family : Asteraceae


Description - A race of tuberous rooted perennials found in Mexico and Guatemala.
D.pinnata, also known as D. variabilis and D. rosea, has been used in the evolution of the modern varieties. The cactus varieties are derived from D.juarezii. From these and possibly other species, have arisen the present garden form known as cactus, semi-cactus, pompon, decorative, collarette, etc.
The plants vary in height from a foot to six feet.
The flowers vary in size from two inches in diameter in the case of pompon varieties, to fifteen inches in the case of large decorative varieties. They are mostly double in form, although some have single or semi-double flowers.
Dahlias will grow in any rich soil in full sun and with perfect drainage. As they are only half hardy, it is necessary to lift the tubers after the first autumnal frost, and dry and store in frost-proof conditions.
Propagation is by division of the tubers or by cuttings taken from tubers started into growth in February in heat, and rooted under glass. The flowering season is from July to September.

Order - Asterales

Subfamily - Asteroideae

Genus - Dahlia

Origin / Native - Mexico, colombia, central america

Category - Tuberous rooted, bushy herb/forb

Type - Herbaceous perennial

Height - 3.5 to 5 feet tall

Propagation - Seeds, tubers

Flowering Season - Summer & Fall

Flowers - Small to medium, single, showy, white with yellow mixed 12 petals

Foliage - Simple, deciduous, dark green, pinnate-shaped, with strong, sturdy stems

Flowering Season -Summer, Fall

Special Feature - Deer, Soil tolerant

Growth Rate - Fast

Good For - Home garden, cottage garden, beds, cut flower, container, shows, large bouquets, borders, landscape designs, Patio, pots

Light Requirement & Care - Full Sun, part shade, average water, well drained, fertile, moist, humus-rich soil, water daily, low maintenance

Attracts -Bees, butterflies

Tamil -Seemai alli

Hindi -Daliya

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Ooty Flower Show 2014, Govt. Botanical Garden, Nilgiri Hills, Udhagai, Tamil Nadu, South India, India

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