Lablab bean

Common Name : Lablab bean, Indian bean, Broadbeans, Bonavist, Hyacinth bean Botanical Name : Lablab purpureus Family : Fabaceae Uses : Cuisine, Ornamental & medicinal Height : Up to 236 inches tall

Lablab bean

Kingdom - Plantae

Genus - Lablab

Order - Fabales

Species - purpureus

Native - India, Africa

Introduced to - Egypt, china, western asia

Synonym - Vicia faba, Dolichos lablab, Dolichos[greek-long pod]purpureus

Type/Life cycle - Annual, Perennial

Foliage&Plant - Green, mild hairy, simple, leaves contains 3 leaflets, with healthy thick stem, fruits green in color. seed pod contains 4 to 5 brown seeds

Flowers - Small, white, clustered in upright spikes, showy, pea shaped blooms

Tamil - Avarai, avarakkai, mochai

Sowing Season - July to Aug

Flowering Season - Nov to Dec

Lablab purpureus flower
Lablab purpureus flower

Lablab bean foliage
Lablab bean foliage

Lablab purpureus flower spike-full bloom, flower buds
Lablab purpureus flower spike

Lablab bean flower with ant, stem
Lablab bean flower with ant, stem

Lablab bean fruit[Green]
Lablab bean fruit

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Kundadam, Dharapuram, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India

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