Purple anthurium

Common Name : Purple anthurium, Purple heart flower, Purple tailflower Botanical Name : Anthurium andraeanum Family : Araceae

Purple anthurium

Order - Alismatales

Genus - Anthurium

Origin / Native - Central and South America

Found In - Tropical rain forests

Category - Herb, Climbers, Epiphytes

Height - Up to 15 inches tall

Spread- Up to 11 inches wide

Light Requirement & Care- Plant requires lots of light but dont place it in direct sunlight, Filtered sunlight, Full Shade, Well drained soils, Water regularly, Do not over or lower water

Flowers - Small, Upright, Purple, Heart shaped, Blueish purple tail, Long lasting, Green foliage with deep purple spadix[long stem]

Good For - Pots, House plant, Indoors, Window boxes, Greenhouse

Special Feature - Tolerates low light

Photographs: Guna Selvi Camera: Nikon D40x Location : Ooty Flower show 2014, Govt. Botanical Garden, Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India

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