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Russelia equisetiformis
Common Name: Scarlet Comb
Botanical name: Combretum coccineum
Family : Combretaceae
Order: Myrtales
Origin / Native : Mauritius, Madagascar
Category : Deciduous climbing plant, Scrambling shrub
Flowers : Rubine red, magenta, wild strawberry, small, clustered spikes, showy, colourful
Location :Lalbagh, bangalore,karnataka, india




Star phlox purple white variegated flowers
Common Name: Star phlox purple white variegated flowers
Flowers used: Polemoniaceae
Order: Combretaceae
Camera: Nikon D40x
Good for : Borders, garden beds
Flowers :purple with white, small, clustered,showy, colourful
Location: Lalbagh botanical garden glass house, bangalore, karnataka, india
Foliage: Dark green, 12 inches tall




Salvia splendens sizzler red stripe lalbagh independence day flower show august 2015
Common Name: Salvia splendens sizzler red stripe lalbagh independence day flower show august 2015
Family: Lamiaceae
Order: Lamiales
Camera: Nikon D40x
Origin / Native : Brazil
Suitable for :Borders, garden beds
Flowers: Red with white striped, showy, colourful
Height : 1.5 feet




Sun sprinkles rose
Common Name: Sun sprinkles rose
Botanical name: Rosa 'Sun Sprinkles'
Family : Rosaceae
Order: Rosales
Height : 3 feet
Category :Bare Root Rose, Miniature Rose
Flowers : Yellow with pink, small, fragrance, colourful
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, karnataka, india




Senna surattensis
Common Name: Desert cassia, Cassia, glossy shower
Botanical name: Senna surattensis
Family : Fabaceae
Order: Fabales
Origin / Native : India, Sri Lanka
Flowering Season : Summer, Autumn, Winter
Category : Evergreen shrub
Flowers: Bright yellow, small, clustered, showy
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore,india




salvia farinacea
Common Name: Sage flower
Botanical name: Salvia farinacea
Family: Lamiaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Texas
Height :Up to 2 feet tall
Type & Category : Herb
Good for : Borders
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Salacia chinensis
Common Name: Chinese Salacia
Botanical name: Salacia chinensis
Family: Celastraceae
Order: Celastrales
Genus : Genus
Origin / Native : India, Sri Lanka
Category :Herb, Climbing shrub, Small tree
Uses : Ayurveda, Medicinal
Synonym : Salacia prinoides
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




Star chickweed
Common Name: Star chickweed
Botanical name: Stellaria pubera
Family: Caryophyllaceae
Order: Caryophyllales
Origin / Native : United States
Habit :Forb or herb
Type : Perennial
Flowers : Magenta, Purple, showy, small, clustered with teal green foliage
Location : Kundadam, Tirupur, TN, India




Strelitzia reginae
Common Name: Crane Flower
Botanical name: Strelitzia reginae
Family: Strelitziaceae
Order: Zingiberales
Origin / Native : South Africa
Class :Equisetopsida
Growth Rate: Slow
Height: 7 feet
Flowers: Orange, sharp petals, showy
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Salmon angel's trumpet
Common Name: Salmon angel's trumpet
Botanical name: Brugmansia versicolor
Family: Solanaceae
Origin / Native: Ecuador, South America
Flowers : Large, Trumpt shaped, Pink with white, Fragrant
Category :Evergreen shrub, small tree
Foliage : Deep green
Height: 8 feet
Good for: Edges
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Schefflera actinophylla
Common Name: Octopus Tree, Queensland umbrella tree, Ivy Palm
Botanical name: Schefflera actinophylla
Family: Araliaceae
Order: Apiales
Origin / Native: Java, New Guinea, Northern Australia
Height :Up to 48 feet tall
Category : Tropical evergreen tree
Foliage : Deep green, large, glossy
Flowers : Red, tiny flowers arranged in a large spikes resembles octopus




Sugar cane dahlia
Common Name: Sugar cane dahlia
Botanical name: Dahlia hybrida
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Colombia, Central America
Height :Up to 3 feet tall
Category : Decorative
Flowers : Yellow, salmon, coral, white, tricolour, showy, large, fragrance, colourful
Used for : Cut flowers




Sanchezia speciosa
Common Name: Shrubby Whitevein, Sanchezia, Fire Fingers
Botanical name: Sanchezia speciosa
Family: Acanthaceae
Type: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Peru, Equator, Tropical South America
Synonym :Sanchezia glaucophylla
Category : Shrub, Herb
Flowers : Yellow with red bracts
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




Sphaeranthus indicus
Common Name: East Indian Globe Thistle
Botanical name: Sphaeranthus indicus
Family : Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : India, Southeast Asia
Category :Herb
Uses : Ayurveda, Medicinal
Flowers: Purple, Dark magenta, medium violet red, small, globe shaped, showy
Hindi : Gorakhmundi
Location : Srirangam river, Trichy, TN, India




Salvia farinacea white
Common Name: Meadow sage
Botanical name: Salvia farinacea white
Family: Lamiaceae
Care: Well drained soil, Average Water
Origin / Native : Mexico,Texas
Light requirement :Full sun, part shade
Flowers : White, small, clustered spikes
Type: Annual, Tender perennial
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Good for: Borders




Salvia splendens
Common Name: Tropical sage
Botanical name: Salvia splendens
Family: Lamiaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Brazil
Genus & Uses :Salvia & Ornamental
Category & Type : Half hardy Annual, Perennial Herb
Suitable for: Borders, garden beds
Flowers : Red, showy, colourful, dwarf plants




Sandpaper vine
Common Name: Sandpaper vine
Botanical name: Petrea volubilis
Family: Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Central America
Growth Rate :Fast
Category: Tropical flowering vine
Flowers: Blue purple, small, clustered spikes resembles purple rain
Location : Lalbagh botanical gardens, india




Santa rita flower
Common Name: Santa rita flower
Botanical name: Bougainvillea buttiana
Family: Nyctaginaceae
Order: Caryophyllales
Origin / Native : Brazil, South America
Category & Type :Thorny ornamental shrub, Climbing vine
Suitable for: Archs, borders, fence
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Sapodilla flower
Common Name:Sapodilla flower
Botanical name: Manilkara zapota
Family: Sapotaceae
Order: Ericales
Origin / Native & Grow In : Souther nMexico, Central America & Malaysia, India
Growth Rate Of Tree :Slow
Category : Evergreen tree
Height: 5 feet to 14 feet
Fruits: Brown, edible, sweet, healthy
Flowers: Beige, with brown bracts, small




Saraca asoca
Common Name: Sorrow less tree, Ashok briksh
Botanical name: Saraca asoca
Family: Fabaceae
Synonym: Saraca indica
Found In: Indian subcontinent, Himalaya
Uses :Herbal, Medicinal, Ayurveda
Category : Evergreen Rain forest tree
Flowers : Red, yellow, orange, clustered, colourful, showy
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore,india




Scarlet clock vine
Common Name: Scarlet clock vine, Scarlet Thunbergia, Indian clock vine
Botanical name:Thunbergia mysorensis
Family: Acanthaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Burma, India
Category :Evergreen woody climbing vine
Synonym : Thunbergia coccinea
Attracts : Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Flowers : Yellow with red blooms, clustered spikes, hanging downwards




Scarlet sage
Common Name: Scarlet sage
Botanical name: Salvia splendens
Family: Lamiaceae
Type: Perennial, Hardy annual
Origin / Native: Brazil
Best For :Borders, Summer Garden
Category : Herb
Flowers : Red, showy, colourful spikes
Good for: Borders




Shaving brush tree
Common Name: Shaving brush tree
Botanical name: Pseudobombax ellipticum
Family: Malvaceae
Class: Magnoliopsida
Origin / Native : Tropicals of southern Mexico
Category:Deciduous large tree
Height : Up to 45 feet tall
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India
Foliage : Deep green, large, glossy




Sida acuta
Common Name: Common Wireweed
Botanical name: Sida acuta
Family: Malvaceae [mallow family]
Uses: Siddha, Medicinal
Origin / Native : Central America
Category : Herb, Shrub, Subshrub
Flowers: Beige, corn silk, small, 5 petals, borne on leaf stalk
Synonym : Sida carpinifolia




Silk cotton tree flower
Common Name: Silk cotton tree flower, Simal, red cotton tree
Botanical name: Bombax ceiba
Family: Malvaceae
Order: Malvales
Origin / Native : Indian subcontinent, Western Africa
Category :Large tree
Subfamily : Bombacoideae
Flowers : Red, large, showy, 5 glossy petals




Sita ashok
Common Name: Sita ashok
Family : Fabaceae
Species: Asoca
Flowers & Tree: Fragrant, Red, Yellow, orange, Evergreen tree
Flowering Season : Feb, March, April
Sacred tree of :India
Sanskrit : Asupala, Ashopalava
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, karnataka. india




Sesuvium verrucosum
Common Name: Western sea-purslane
Botanical name: Sesuvium verrucosum
Family: Aizoaceae [iceplant family]
Order: Caryophyllales
Origin / Native : California, Mexico, America
Life Cycle :Perennial
Category : Herb
Synonym : Sesuvium erectum
Flowers: Pink, tiny, clustered, 5 petals
Plant: Deep green foliage, hairy




Skyblue clustervine
Common Name: Skyblue clustervine
Botanical name: Jacquemontia pentanthos
Family :Convolvulaceae
Grow In: Hedges, Fences
Origin / Native :Tropical America, South Florida
Growth Rate:Fast
Blooming Season : All Year
Flowers : Blue with white eyed, small, clustered, showy




Slipper spurge
Common Name: Slipper spurge
Growth & Care: Full Sun, Water regularly, Do not over water
Family : Euphorbiaceae
Height: Up to 1.5 meters
Cultivated in : India, Thailand
Category :Shrubby succulent plant, Cacti
Grow In : Thorn forest, rocky sites
Synonym : Euphorbia tithymaloides
Camera : Nikon D40X




Small balloon vine
Common Name: Small balloon vine
Botanical name: Cardiospermum corindum
Family : Sapindaceae
Order: Sapindales
Origin / Native : Africa and Asia
Flowers :Small, White, 4 petals, clustered, fruits are baloon shaped, blooming all year
Category : Climbing vine, Herb
Location: Lalbagh, Bangalore, Karnataka, India




Snake bean flower
Common Name: Snake bean flower, Yardlong bean, Chinese long bean
Botanical name : Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis
Family : Fabaceae
Order : Fabales
Origin / Native : Asia, China
Type :Annual
Flowers:Medium purple, slate blue, pea shaped, vegetables are edible
Category: Climbing Shrub, Vine




Common Name: Snapdragon, Snapdragons
Botanical name: Antirrhinum majus
Family: Plantaginaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Southern France, Morocco
Category & Type:Annual, Biennial, Herbaceous perennial
Species : Majus
Flowers: Magenta pink, fuchsia, medium violet red, showy, colourful, dwarf plants
Good for : Borders, garden beds




Snapdragon flower
Common Name: Snapdragon flower
Botanical Name : Antirrhinum majus subsp. majus
Height: Up to 3 feet tall
Foliage & Plant : Dwarf, good for borders
Leaves : Spirally arranged
Origin / Native: Southern France, Spain
Flowers : Red, maroon, showy
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




Solanum erianthum
Common Name: Mullein Nightshade, Potato Tree
Botanical name: Solanum erianthum
Order : Solanales
Origin / Native : Southern North America, Northern South America
Growth Rate :Fast
Category : Small tree, Evergreen medium shrub
Flowers : Purple, lavender, clustered




Solanum trilobatum
Common Name: Thoodhuvalai, Thai nightshade, Purple Fruited Pea Eggplant
Botanical name: Solanum trilobatum
Family:Solanaceae [nightshade]
Order : Solanales
Origin / Native : South India
Genus : Solanum
Category : Medicinal Herb
Foliage : Deep green, thorny
Flowers : Purple, clustered, 5 petals




Spermacoce articularis
Common Name: Bristly buttonweed, False buttonweed
Botanical name: Spermacoce articularis
Family:Rubiaceae [coffee family]
Order : Gentianales
Origin / Native : Asia, Australia, America, Africa
Height :Up to 23 inches tall
Type & Category : Annual herb, Shrub
Flowers : Purple, tiny
Foliage : Deep green, mild hairy




Spider flower
Common Name: Spider flower, Rocky Mountain beeplant, Bee spider flower
Botanical name: Cleome serrulata
Order : Brassicales
Origin / Native : Columbia, North & South America
Genus :Cleome
Type : Annual
Flowers : Pinkish purple, clustered




Spiny barleria
Common Name: Spiny barleria, Spiny Yellow Barleria
Botanical name: Barleria rotundifolia
Origin/ Native:India, Sri Lanka, Tropical East Africa, Asia
Grow In : Riverbanks, Rocks, Tropical savannas, Roadsides
Type : Perennial
Category :Erect shrub
Flowers :Peach puff, beige, moccasin, light yellow
Foliage : Teal green, thorny, 3 feet




Star cluster
Common Name: Star cluster
Botanical name: Pentas lanceolata
Order : Gentianales
Origin / Native : Africa
Best For :Home & Summer garden, Ground Cover
Category & Type : Annual, Woody perennial subshrub
Flowers : Red, clustered, 5 petals, showy
Good for : Borders




Star jasmine
Common Name: Star jasmine
Botanical name: Trachelospermum jasminoides
Order : Gentianales
Origin / Native : Southern China, Japan, Korea, Eastern Asia
Uses :Ornamental plant, houseplant
Height : Up to 120 Inches tall
Foliage & plant : Deep green, climbing vine
Flowers : White, clustered, showy




Stephanotis floribunda
Common Name: Hawaiian wedding flower
Botanical name: Stephanotis floribunda
Family :Apocynaceae
Order : Gentianales
Origin / Native : Madagascar
Flowers :Tubular, Fragrant, White, Clustered
Height : Up to 15 feet tall
Category : Climbing vine
Light requirement : Sunny, open




Strawberry foxtail
Common Name: Strawberry foxtail
Botanical name: Acalypha reptans
Order : Malpighiales
Origin / Native : Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka
Synonym :Acalypha chamaedrifolia
Type : Perennial
Suitable for : Hedge, fence
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, karnataka, india




Small flowered rungia
Common Name: Small flowered rungia
Botanical name: Rungia polygonoides
Order : Lamiales
Class : Magnoliopsida
Grow in :Fields, wild, Wasteland, Dry areas
Category : Creeping plant, Herb
Foliage : Deep green, hairy leaf & stems
Flowers : Purple with white, tiny blooms with mild thorny bracts




Southern magnolia buds
Common Name: Southern magnolia buds
Botanical name: Magnolia grandiflora
Family: Magnoliaceae
Flowering Season : Summer, March to May
State tree & flower of : Mississippi
Flowers & Seeds :Large, White, Fragrant, 10 inch, Red seeds
Category: Large evergreen ornamental tree
Foliage : Deep green
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, India




Southern magnolia buds
Common Name: Southern magnolia
Botanical name: Magnolia grandiflora
Order : Magnoliales
Origin / Native : Virginia, Texas, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina
Height :Up to 45 feet tall
Genus : Magnolia
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Flowers : Corn silk, large, showy




Strophanthus gratus buds
Common Name: Strophanthus gratus buds
Botanical name: Strophanthus gratus
Category :Semi climbing shrub
Uses & Special Characteristic : Medicinal, Seeds are poisonous
Height :Up to 50 feet
Flowers & Buds : Small, Dark Maroon, Clustered, Fragrant flowers, 2 inch
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Strophanthus gratus
Common Name: Rose Allamanda, Climbing Oleander
Botanical name: Strophanthus gratus
Family: Apocynaceae
Order : Gentianales
Origin / Native : Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea
Category :Evergreen shrub, Tropical climbing Vine
Genus : Strophanthus
Flowers : Pink, clustered, showy




Snapdragon purple with white
Common Name: Snapdragon purple with white, dwarf antirrhinums
Botanical name: Antirrhinum majus dwarf
Care & Light: Easy to grow Full Sun, Well drained soil
Good For :Containers, Borders
Height : Up to 1 feet tall
Type :Half hardy Annual, Short lived perennial
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Flowers : Purple with white, showy




Small euphorbia milii
Common Name: Small euphorbia milii
Botanical name: Euphorbia milii var. tulearensis
Flowers : Small, Showy, 2 petals, Clustered
Origin / Native : Madagascar
Height :Up to 2 feet tall
Category : Evergreen succulent shrub
Location : Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore, India
Foliage : Evergreen, thorny




Storm Blue Petunia
Common Name: Storm Blue Petunia
Botanical name: Petunia x hybrida
Family: Solanaceae
Order : Solanales
Flowers : Blue, indigo, 4 inches blooms, Large, Showy
Flowering :Continuously
Good For : Hanging baskets, Pots display
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, India
Light requirement : Sunny, open




Shrub vinca
Common Name: Shrub vinca
Botanical name: Kopsia fruticosa
Family: Apocynaceae
Order: Gentianales
Origin / Native: India, Burma, Europe, Myanmar, Asia
Best For & Uses :Groundcover & Medicinal, Ornamental
Category : Evergreen shrub
Flowers : Pink, clustered, 5 petals
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Scottish marigold
Common Name: Scottish marigold
Botanical name: Calendula officinalis Chrysantha
Family :Asteraceae
Uses : Medicinal
Origin / Native : Europe
Height :Up to 2 feet 7 inches
Type : Aromatic Annual, perennial herb
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore,karnataka, india




Showy desmodium
Common Name: Showy desmodium
Botanical name: Phyllodium pulchellum
Family: Fabaceae [Pea family]
Flowering Season : March to May
Origin / Native : Up to 6 feet tall
Synonym :Desmodium pulchellum
Flowers : White, pea shaped, hanging downwards
Location : lalbagh, bangalore, india
Foliage : Evergreen
Light requirement : Sunny, open




Small gourd
Common Name: Small gourd, West Indian gherkin
Botanical name: Cucumis anguria
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Order :Cucurbitales
Origin / Native : Africa
Category :Herbaceous scrambling vine
Genus : Cucumis
Flowers : Yellow, small, borne on leaf stalks, hairy
Foliage : Green, hairy stems & leaves




Common Name: Sorghum
Botanical name: Sorghum bicolor
Family: Poaceae
Order: Poales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Africa
Genus :Sorghum
Type & Category : Annual grass
Height : 4 to 9 feet tall
Seeds : Food source for humans, birds, animals




Summer phlox
Common Name: Summer phlox
Botanical & Cultivar name: Phlox paniculata bright eyes
Flowers : White with purple eyed, fragrant, 5 petals, showy, clustered, colourful
Height : Up to 24 inches
Family : Polemoniaceae
Flowering Season :July, Aug, Sep
Life Cycle : Perennial
Suitable for: Borders, garden beds




Saraca taipingensis
Common Name: Yellow Saraca, Yellow Ashoka
Botanical name: Saraca thaipingensis
Order : Fabales
Origin / Native : Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Southeast Asia
Genus :Saraca
Category : Evergreen tree
Height : 40 feet
Flowers : Yellow, small, clustered,showy




Sweet william
Common Name: Sweet william
Botanical name: Dianthus barbatus
Family :Caryophyllaceae
Order: Caryophyllales
Origin / Native : Southern Europe
Type : Biennial, Short lived perennial
Light requirement : Sunny, open
Suitable for : Borders, garden beds, pots




Sahyadri ylang ylang
Common Name: Sahyadri ylang ylang
Botanical name: Desmos lawii
Order : Magnoliales
Origin / Native : Philippines, Western Ghats
Flowers :Green, beige, yellow color, Fragrant, large, facing downwards
Height : 3 feet
Category : Climbing vine, Spreading shrub
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




spider plant cleome pink
Common Name: Spider plant, cleome pink
Botanical name: Cleome hassleriana
Order : Brassicales
Origin / Native : Argentina, South America
Type :Annual
Height : 48 inches
Flowers : Pink, clustered, showy
Good for : Borders, pots
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




spathoglottis plicata
Common Name: Philippine Ground Orchid
Botanical name: Spathoglottis plicata
Family :Orchidaceae
Order : Asparagales
Origin / Native : Tropical, subtropical of Asia, Southeast Asia
Flowering Month :Sep to Apr
Synonym : Spathoglottis lilacina, Spathoglottis angustifolia
Location : Lalbagh, karnataka, South India
Flowers : Magenta, fuchsia, showy




salvia splendens red
Common Name: Salvia splendens red
Flowering Season: June to Jan
Origin : Brazil
Good For : Garden beds, Borders, Patio Pots
Plant & Flowers :Herbaceous, Small, Red, Spiky form, Clustered, fragrant, Showy
Type : Annual flower
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Height : 2 feet




streptosolen jamesonii orange
Common Name: Marmalade bush
Botanical name: Streptosolen jamesonii
Family: Solanaceae [Potato family]
Flowering Season : All Year
Origin / Native : Colombia
Category :Deep green shrub
Flowers : Orange, yellow, small, hairy, clustered, colourful, showy
Height : Up to 72 inches tall
Location : Kodaikanal, tamilnadu, india




Streptosolen jamesonii orange
Common Name: Streptosolen jamesonii orange, Orange Browallia, Firebush
Botanical name: Streptosolen jamesonii
Family :Solanaceae
Flowering Season : Late Spring to Late Summer
Origin / Native : Colombia, South America
Category & Habit :Semi climbing evergreen shrub
Site : Sunny, open
Flowers : Orange red, small, colourful, hairy




sambucus canadensis
Common Name: American elderberry, American elder
Botanical name: Sambucus canadensis
Family :Adoxaceae
Order : Dipsacales
Origin / Native : Mexico, Eastern North America, Panama
Height :Up to 12 feet tall
Category : Deciduous shrub, Small tree
Location : Kodaikanal, tamilnadu, india




sonchus asper
Common Name: Prickly sow thistle, Sharp fringed sow thistle, Spiny Milk Thistle
Botanical name: Sonchus asper
Family : Asteraceae
Order : Asterales
Origin / Native : Africa
Height :Up to 72 inches tall
Type :Annual
Light requirement : Sunny, part shade
Flowers : Yellow, small, showy, narrow petals




senna multiglandulosa
Common Name: Glandular senna, buttercup bush
Botanical name: Senna multiglandulosa
Family :Fabaceae
Order : Fabales
Origin / Native : Mexico, South America, Guatemala
Synonym :Cassia tomentosa
Uses : Ornamental, Medicinal
Flowers : Yellow, aromatic, clustered, showy




sesbania grandiflora
Common Name: Hummingbird tree, Scarlet wisteria
Botanical name: Sesbania grandiflora
Family :Fabaceae
Order : Fabales
Origin / Native : Malaysia, North Australia, India
Growth Rate :Fast
Category : Small tree
Height : 4 feet to 15 feet tall
Light requirement : Sunny, open




spathiphyllum wallisii
Common Name: White sails, Peace lily
Botanical name: Spathiphyllum wallisii
Order : Alismatales
Origin / Native : Central America
Type & Category:Perennial Herb
Genus : Spathiphyllum
Flowers : White, small, showy
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Spathodea campanulata
Common Name: African Tulip Tree, Fountain Tree
Botanical name : Spathodea campanulata
Family :Bignoniaceae
Order : Lamiales
Origin / Native : Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola, Kenya, Tropical Africa
Height :Up to 75 feet tall
Category :Ornamental tree
Flowers : Red & yellow, large, clustered
Location : Cubbon park, Bangalore, India




Senna auriculata
Common Name: Avaram, Avaram Senna
Botanical name: Senna auriculata
Family: Fabaceae
Order : Fabales
Origin / Native : India, Sri Lanka
Category :Large branched shrub, Small tree
Uses : Medicinal, Ayurveda
Location : Lalbagh botanical garden, bangalore, karnataka, india
Flowers : Bright yellow ,clustered, showy




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