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verbena hybrida
Common Name: Garden verbena
Botanical name: Verbena hybrida
Family : Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : South America
Uses : Ornamental
Type & Category : Annual, perennial herb
Location :Lalbagh, bangalore,karnataka, india
Suitable for :Borders, garden beds




Velvet fragrance rose
Name: Velvet fragrance rose
Family: Rosaceae
Order: Rosales
Flowers : Magenta red, showy, fragrant, colourful
Foliage :Reddish green, healthy, 48 inches tall
Uses : Cut flowers, bouquets
Location: Govt. Rose Garden, Ooty, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, India
Light Requirement: Sunny, open, well drained soil




Viola tricolor
Common Name: Three faces in a hood, heart's delight
Botanical name: Viola tricolor
Family : Violaceae
Order: Malpighiales
Origin / Native : Europe
Growth Rate :Medium
Type & Category : Annual, Biennial, Short-lived Perennial
Height: 12 inches
Location: Ooty rose garden, Nilgiris, india




Vanda roberts delight red berry
Common Name: Vanda roberts delight red berry
Family: Orchidaceae
Order: Asparagales
Subfamily: Epidendroideae
Flowers : Purple dotted pattern, large, showy, clustered spikes
Foliage: Evergreen, healthy, compact
Good for: Hanging baskets, Pots,
Suitable for: Cut flowers




Venus flytrap
Common Name: Venus flytrap
Scientific name: Dionaea muscipula
Family: Droseraceae
Order: Caryophyllales
Genus : Dionaea
Origin / Native: Subtropical wetlands of United States, North& South Carolina
Category: Carnivorous plant
Flowering season: Spring
Propagation: By seeds




Violet garden phlox
Common Name: Violet garden phlox
Botanical name: Phlox paniculata
Family : Polemoniaceae
Genus: Phlox
Flowers & Plant : Blue violet, dark orchid, Bright magenta violet in colour, showy, 5 petals, fragrant, large clustered
Good For : Summer garden, Mixed Borders, Garden beds
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Verbena peruviana light purple
Name: Verbena peruviana light purple
Common Name: Garden verbena
Family: Verbenaceae
Type: Herbaceous perennial
Height : 2 feet tall
Good for: Ground cover, borders, pots, container, butterfly garden
Light requirement: Sunny, open, medium water, low maintenance
Attracts: Buuterflies




Vernonia cinerea
Common Name: Purple Fleabane, Sahadevi, Goat weed
Botanical name: Vernonia cinerea
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : India, Asia
Category :Annual, Perennial herb
Synonym : Cyanthillium cinereum
Flowers : Blue violet, purple, tiny, clustered
Location : Kundadam, Tirupur, India




Verbena hybrida
Common Name: Verbena hybrida
Family: Verbenaceae
Order : Lamiales
Camera: Nikon D40X
Flowers: Small, clustered, 5 toothed petals, velvety magenta pink color
Foliage: Evergreen
Height: 2 feet
Type : Herbaceous annual, perennial
Best for: Butterfly garden, borders, pots




Vassio meggos dahlia
Common Name: Vassio meggos dahlia
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Type : Herbaceous perennial plant
Used for:Cut flowers, Bouquets
Flowers : pink, large, 7 inches wide, showy, colourful
Location: Ooty botanical gardens, nilgiris, tamil nadu, india
Height: 5 feet tall




Verbena tenuisecta
Name: Verbena tenuisecta
Common Name: Garden verbena
Flowers : Small, showy, clustered, velvety blue, purple, 5 petals, toothed
Foliage & Plant height: Green, simple, opposite, 1.5 feet tall
Good For: Bedding garden, borders, butterfly garden
Uses : Ornamental plants
Light requirement : Sunny, open
Location : Trichy butterfly park, india




Violet petunia
Common Name: Violet petunia
Botanical name: Petunia violacea
Family: Solanaceae [potato family]
Flowers: Large, Showy, Fragrant, Blue violet color, 5 cm wide, Funnel shaped
Origin / Native : South America
Special Characteristic :Heat tolerant
Suitable for : Borders, containers, pots, garden beds
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india
Height : Up to 12 inches




Verbena pink
Common Name: Verbena pink
Botanical name: Verbena hybrida
Family : Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : South America
Flowers :Pink, small, clustered, showy
Suitable for : Borders, garden beds
Location: Ooty botanical gardens, nilgiris, tamil nadu, india
Type & Category : Annual, perennial herb




Violet scarlet sage
Common Name: Violet scarlet sage
Botanical name: Salvia splendens Violacea
Family: Lamiaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : Brazil
Good For :Bedding gardens, Borders, Summer garden
Type & Category : Herbaceous perennial
Height : 1.5 feet
Location : Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Vitex negundo
Common Name: Five leaved chaste tree
Botanical name: Vitex negundo
Family: Lamiaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan
Category :Small aromatic tree, large shrub
Tamil: Nochi
Foliage: Grayish green, medicinal, 12 feet tall
Flowers: Slate blue, purple, tiny, clustered, aromatic




Verbena red velvet
Common Name: Verbena red velvet
Scientific Name: Verbena hybrida
Family: Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Cultivar : Red Velvet
Location :Govt. Botanical garden, ooty
Best For : Pots, borders, patios
Flowers: Red with white, small, clustered, showy
Camera: Nikon D40X




Common Name: Venidium, Cape daisy
Botanical name: Venidium fastuosum
Family: Asteraceae
Order: Asterales
Origin / Native : South Africa
Synonym :Venidium calendulaceum
Type : Annual, perennial
Height: 12 inches to 2 feet
Flowers: Orange, medium, showy, colourful
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




vanda coerulea
Common Name: Blue Vanda, Autumn Lady's Tresses
Botanical name : Vanda coerulea
Family : Caryophyllales
Order: Asparagales
Origin / Native: China, Khasi hills, Assam, North East India
Subfamily :Epidendroideae
Uses : Medicinal
Flowers : Blue violet, indigo, showy, clustered
Suitable for : Hanging baskets




Common Name: Verbena
Botanical name: Verbena x hybrida
Family: Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : America, Europe
Uses :Ornamental, Butterfly garden
Type : Annual, perennial
Flowers : Purple, blue violet, small, toothed petals, clustered, colourful
Suitable for : Butterfly park, borders
Location : Lalbagh, Bangalore, india




Verbena white
Common Name: Verbena white
Cultivar name: Verbena babylon white
Family : Verbenaceae
Order: Lamiales
Origin / Native : America, Europe
Good For :Containers, Mixed borders, Hanging baskets, Window boxes
Flowers : White, clustered, small, toothed 5 petals
Habit & Life Cycle : Spreading Herb & Annual




Vachellia nilotica
Common Name: Prickly acacia, gum arabic tree
Scientific name: Vachellia nilotica
Family : Fabaceae
Order : Fabales
Origin / Native : Africa, Middle East, India
Height :Up to 60 feet tall
Category : Semi-deciduous tree
Foliage: Evergreen
Good for : Public parks, roadsides, avenues
Flowers : Yellow, hairy, globe shaped




Common Name: Green viburnum
Botanical name: viburnum
Family: Adoxaceae
Order: Dipsacales
Origin / Native : Japan
Height :Up to 72 inches tall
Category : Broad-leaved Shrub
Best for: Borders
Location: Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, South India




vigna unguiculata
Common Name: Vigna unguiculata
Botanical name : Vigna unguiculata
Family : Fabaceae
Genus: Vigna
Origin / Native: Africa
Flowers :Small, Pea shaped, purple, blue shade with yellow eyes
Synonyms: Dolichos unguiculata, Dolichos sinensis
Fruits: are edible used for indian cuisines




Vetiver vetiveria zizanioides
Common Name: Vetiver vetiveria zizanioides, khus
Family: Poaceae
Uses : Herbal Medicine
Camera: Nikon D40x
Category : Perennial
Origin / Native :India
Parts Used : Roots
Medicinal uses : Perfume
Location: Ooty botanical gardens, nilgiris, tamil nadu, india




Vilaiti siris
Common Name: Vilaiti siris, coco tamarind
Botanical name: Albizia saman
Family: Fabaceae
Category: Large canopied tree
Height : Up to 80 feet
Malayalam :Mazhamaram
Sanskrit : Shiriisha
Flowers: Pink with white resembling powder puff
Foliage : Evergreen




Vinca rosea dwarf
Common Name: Vinca rosea dwarf, Madagascar periwinkle
Scientific name:Catharanthus roseus
Native : Madagascar
Family: Apocynaceae
Order :Gentianales
Genus :Catharanthus
Light requirement: Sunny, open
Flowers: Pink, purple, red, white, Small, colourful, showy
Foliage: Evergreen, 12 inches




Veilchenblau rose
Common Name: Veilchenblau rose
Family: Rosaceae
Order : Rosales
Flowers: Purple, dark magenta, indigo, medium violet red, fragrance, colourful, clustered
Foliage : Dark green, compact
Height:4 feet
Good For :Borders, pots
Light requirement: Sunny, open, well drained soils




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