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Ultra Blue Star Petunia
Common Name: Ultra Blue Star Petunia
Botanical name: Petunia grandiflora
Family : Solanaceae
Good For: Hanging baskets, border
Attracts : Butterflies, Bees
Flowers : Large, velvety blue purple with white, funnel shaped
Life cycle : Annual
Location :Lalbagh, bangalore,karnataka, india
Camera :Nikon D40X




Ultra pink petunia
Common Name: Ultra pink petunia
Botanical name: Petunia grandiflora
Family : Solanaceae
Height: 12 inches
Light requirement: Sunny, Open
Special Feature :Weather tolerant
Suitable for : Borders, garden beds, hanging baskets
Flowers: Pink, Deep pink, magenta with white throat, large, wavy, colourful, showy
Location: Lalbagh, bangalore, india




Umbrella palm
Common Name: Umbrella palm, Umbrella Grass, Umbrella Papyrus
Botanical name: Cyperus alternifolius
Family : Cyperaceae
Order: Poales
Origin / Native : Madagascar
Category : Grass like ornamental plant
Synonym : Cyperus involucratus
Height : Up to 72 inches tall
Life Cycle: Perennial




Urechites lutea
Common Name: Wild Allamanda, Yellow Dipladenia
Botanical name: Urechites lutea
Family: Apocynaceae
Order: Gentianales
Origin / Native : Caribbean islands, Florida
Synonym :Pentalinon luteum, Angadenia jamaicensis
Life Cycle : Perennial
Light requirement : Sunny, open
Flowers : Yellow, funnel-shaped, showy




Common Name: Urena, Caesar weed
Botanical name: Urena lobata
Family: Malvaceae
Order: Malvales
Origin / Native : Tropical, subtropical areas of the world
Type :Annual, Perennial
Category : Erect Subshrub
Flowers : Pink, small, 5 petals, showy
Height : Up to 3 feet




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